In a recent post, I talked about a group of preschool moms who were inspired to learn how to scrapbook, or renewed their dedication to scrapbooking, after attending the memorial service of a friend.  The friends’ scrapbooks were lovingly displayed at her service and everyone was very touched by the deep meaning that scrapbooking can hold in our lives.  Well, through the efforts of my friend “J”, who told me this story, all those ladies will be scrapbooking together this coming weekend and I get to be there too.  J has asked me to help instruct those that are new to the craft, and to have my Memory Works products available should they need anything.  Some are just going to bring all their photos and work on getting them organized, a dreaded but so important task.  I hope to also get a little scrapping done myself, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m so excited to do this.  I’ve mostly worked with experienced scrappers so, while I may share a tip here and there, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to teach someone from the ground up.  J and her family were at our house last weekend and, when I was showing her through the Memory Works catalog, she said, “You are so excited!  And you know your stuff.  You’re the perfect person to be a scrapbook consultant”.  Awww, shucks.  But it’s true that I am excited about ~obsessed with~ scrapbooking.  I have a list of things I need to do to get ready for next weekend.  And I have to…place my first order!!!  J ordered some things so I told her she’s my guinea pig. 

The challenge is that I’m still pretty sick.  They treated me for strep throat but it’s 3 days after taking the entire Z-pack and I’m still not better.  I go back to the doctor tomorrow morning but I think the prescription this time will probably be, “Just be patient.  You’ll get better”.  But I wanna’ be better NOW!! (stamp foot hard on ground).

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    Good luck this weekend and I hope you are feeling better by then too! I’ve never seen any Memory Works things I don’t think. May have to check it out!

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    I hope you’ll be feeling well again soon! I wish a lot of fun and good luck this weekend! I know it can be challenging, fun and inspirational!


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    Hi Ilse – Thank you for the good wishes. I’m forcing myself to rest this week, so I can enjoy the scrapbooking weekend!

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    Hi Bakinbit – Thank you for the nice comments. I will have my own MW website up and running soon, but in the meantime you can check out their products at . A wide variety I think you will like :)

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    Sounds like an exciting weekend. And a great kick start to your new career. Good luck and hope the throat clears up befroe the weekend.

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