Oh my gosh, I literally LOL when I even say that line in my head. It’s from one of my Top 10 Favorite Movies of All Time: Jerry Maguire. If you don’t know the scene I’m talking about, it’s HERE on YouTube. I’d embed the video here but I can’t find a good clear clip except the one I linked above that ends with Cuba’s naked bottom, LOL.

So I’ve been talking all summer about this supposed new membership site I’m going to start, right? Well, I want to be of service and offer things you need. So will you please help ME help YOU?

One of the first offerings of the membership is probably going to be a scrapbooking-related organization class. The plan (at least for now) is for it to drip out to members via e-mail once a week until we move through all the modules. The result: Your scrap space totally organized and useable through the cold winter months (prime time scrap time!).

scrappy jedi scrapbook space organized
Uh, NO! This is not my space. I wish. It’s Scrappy Jedi’s. I’ve tried to buy it from her but she won’t sell. Dang.

To help me best deliver what you need, please answer 2 questions:

1. Does this idea interest you, i.e., would this class entice you to join the Scrapbook Obsession Membership? (Assume the monthly cost is $10-20 and the class is included for free with a lot of other stuff). Be totally honest. If it doesn’t float your boat, no worries but let me know, k?

2. How many weeks would you want the class to run? Remember, we’re organizing your entire scrapbook space and will start somewhere around 08-31-15. For example, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks? Eight weeks would end before Halloween and 12 weeks would end before Thanksgiving. You’d have access to the content as long as you’re a member (or as long as you save the emails :D) if you fall behind or get busy.

Please, please, please answer these 2 questions in Comments below or shoot me an e-mail: erika(at)scrapbookobsession(dot)com

Thank you, Loves! <3

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    Melissa J says:

    Answering question 1 will negate my having to answer #2. No, not interested in the class. While I have a TON of scrapbook supplies, the one thing I do NOT have is a dedicated room. There is nowhere in my house to do that, sadly. So this class wouldn’t be much help to me. Sorry!

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Melissa J! Thank you so much for your answer. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. Have a wonderful day!

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    No, I have a scrapbook room, but I am very organized (accountant by day), so I have a handle on my supplies. My biggest wish for a membership site is a 24 hour crop room where FREINDLY people can gather anytime they are working on a project and visit, and actually visit about the project they are working on like we use to do. Just a bunch of ladies visiting about the stuff that they are working on, sharing ideas, talking about and sharing product with each other. That is what I want!

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Maribeth! Wow, I’m so jealous that you’re organized, LOL. I want to be like you :) The class I’m doing will be about simplifying (and, yes, purging – yikes!). I’m excited to start the process.

      Thank you for the great idea about a 24-hour crop room. I’ll look into the technology of that and see if it’s something I can include in the membership. It sounds so fun!

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    Nadine says:

    I like the idea of an organizing class, but it might be hard to make something like that “interactive”. I’ve read tons of articles and magazines on organizing everything from paperwork to kitchen utensils to scrapbooking supplies, but I usually can find a few new nuggets of information in each thing I read.

    I think 6 weeks would probably be long enough, but it really depends on the content of the course. Also, if you have more sessions, it may be hard for people to participate because of busy schedules. It would be nice if people could type and chat in real time to share ideas.

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