I came across this video in my online business circles, not my scrapbooking circles, and it was a nice surprise! I love hearing behind-the-scenes of creative businesses since that’s my niche as a virtual assistant. Also because CRAFTING!

I thought you’d also enjoy the video below with Cori, The Reset Girl, and her husband “Mr. Crafty” talking about how Silhouette products have enabled them to have such a wicked awesome thriving business. {Okay, they didn’t say ‘wicked awesome’ … I did. I’m a scrapbooker. I EMBELLISH}.

If you’re not familiar with The Reset Girl, it’s a site with very active social media focused on Planner Girls, i.e. all those cute planners I said I’m not able to use HERE, lol. {Though Cori is going to win me over eventually}. And she also runs the #ListersGottaList challenge that I wrote about HERE and sells the most cutest planner supplies HERE, also great for scrappers like us.

Anyway, enjoy the video now that I’m done blabbering about it :)

Small businesses and Silhouette from Silhouette America on Vimeo.

*On preview, it’s not embedding like it’s supposed to. Just click on the “Small Businesses and Silhouette” link to see the video if needed.

If you want to check out any of the Silhouette and Cameo machines they mention, they’re on Amazon HERE. You can see the Mint HERE.

Congratulations Reset Girl and Mr. Crafty!!

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