No. Flippin’. Way. I just found this on one of my favorite sites, SCRAPBOOK UPDATE. They have made it soooo super easy to share the Paperclipping podcasts right from your own blog. Took a few tries but even computer-stoopid me figured it out. Woot woot!! And here you goooo…. give a listen to STACY JULIAN and ALI EDWARDS discuss- among other random scrappy things – the book, “IMAGINE: HOW CREATIVITY WORKS“.

And while you’re visiting Scrapbook Update, make sure to check out their CHA SUMMER 2012 SNEAK PEAKS page. They are one of my favorite resources for CHA sneaks. ‘Cuz I need to know as soon as scrappily possible which things to start drooling over, right?

I’ve been absent from the blog for awhile but I’m hoping this weekend to post a bunch and get ‘er rollin’ again. One thing I’m going to do is add a category for “Links to CHA Sneaks” that will be over there —> on the right so look out for it, mmm kay?

ETA 06/22/12: Okay, I added the links but they’re up top instead, under “CHA Sneak Peeks”.

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    Thanks for sharing the Roundtable and for the link to the sneak peeks page! I’m so glad that you enjoy them!

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      You’re welcome, Nancy! I love everything about your site. So cool!

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