HERE is a new special issue from Papercrafts Scrapbooking I thought you might be interested in:

What caught my interest – and you’ll only remember this if you’re a long-time scrapbooker – is that I wondered if it was anything like my favorite scrapbooking idea book of all time: “EASY PATTERNS FOR SCRAPBOOKING”.

Yes, the date on that blog entry is April 2007!

I’ve used that book SO many times over the years, it’s the only one I’ve actually worn out. The idea goes along with my favorite online scrapbook class ever, “THE PERFECT COLLECTION” by Shimelle Laine. The basic idea of both is starting with a fixed set or collection of papers and cardstock, then cutting them according to patterns before assembling your pages.

I have such a hard time these days paying $15 for idea books that are essentially the thickness of what $6 scrapbooking magazines used to be. I mean, I get it. They don’t have as many ads, the industry is not great right now and they have make money, etc. But it’s still hard, LOL! Especially not knowing what exactly it entails. Here’s the description:

Save time, money, and effort using these fun formulas with an economical array of supplies. Starting with supply lists, cutting diagrams and sketches, you’ll see how to create layouts, cards, tags and even a gift bag with just a few sheets of cardstock, some embellishments, and a fiber or two. You’ll find tips to “step up” the patterns by adding a tool, stamp set, or technique, plus examples that show the versatility of each one no matter what theme, age or gender interests you. Jump into this clever and practical way to use patterns in your paper crafting today!

I also wish it was JUST scrapbooking and not papercrafts, cards, etc. {Hey, did fibers come back and I didn’t get the memo?!?! Shooks, I gave all of mine away}.

I figured, well, I’ll just get the DIGITAL ISSUE. Well, uh, NO! It’s the same price – $15. Sheesh. I don’t pay hardcover price for a Kindle book and I’m not paying hard copy magazine price for a digital version either. Oh well.

If anyone gets this idea book:

1. Come give us a review or link to one on your blog, please!
2. Can I buy it from ya’ when you’re done? Heh heh.

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    I’m with you – I have a REALLY hard time paying full price for these, especially now that Michael’s won’t let you use a coupon on books or magazines, and Joann’s ALWAYS seems to put them on sale for 10% off. AND – MY favorite of all time is Easy Patterns by Brenda Arnall also! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one – most of my scrapping friends don’t seem to be aware of it! But I loved her column in CK, and was sad when it stopped. My copy is so worn out I’m considering having it spiral bound just so it will last longer.
    I’ll have to check this issue out and see if it’s worth the price…I make cards, too, so the fact that it’s not JUST scrapbooking doesn’t bother me. (Easy Patterns includes a few cards, too, although I’ve never made any).

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    this looks good, there is no local places near me that sell these (yay military life), maybe on amazon they will have some peeks at it!!!

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    I would be interested in a review too! I like the idea of the cards being included.

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