I found these at MICHAELS the other day and snatched up a few things. But first, here’s the scoop: Me and My Big Ideas now has removable stickers that you can put on your laptop, cellphone, even your walls.

Laptop Stickers, Cell Phone Bling, and Wall Stickers

I bought the cute black letters with my 40% off coupon for my kids’ bedroom walls; also these laptop stickers. I’m gonna’ have to work the designs around the pretty apple on my laptop lid … but that’s fine :)

Here are pics of the endcap at Michaels that had the MAMBI stickers …

I’m not putting them on my computer yet … because I saw some on their website that I actually like better. I’m going to check my other Michaels and see if I can find them. If not, no big whoop … I’ll just use the ones I have.

Have these made it to your Michaels yet? Do you like them? Get some?

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    Oh, I miss scrapping. I should get back to it.

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    Karen R says:

    I’ve never seen those before, and I do like them! I’d use them on my cell, not my laptop though ‘cuz it’s works!

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    Jill T says:

    I enjoy that the sign on the endcap says “May is national scrapbooking month” …in mid-June…above non-scrapbooking items. That’s so Michaels isn’t it?

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    What is the brand of the big wall stickers at Michaels? I’m trying to track them down.

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      They’re made by MAMBI, Me and My Big Ideas.

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