Yep, I also LUV the message board at Creating Keepsakes. It’s huge and fun and always happening! To the right, you can see the huge CKMB Blog Roll. I posted @ CKMB recently asking for updates, for those blogs I didn’t have listed yet, and many have responded. I’m slowly adding them, so please be patient with me if you’ve requested to be added. Thanks :)

i’m also trying out a Tag Cloud. The larger the word is, the more times I’ve used it here somewhere. Funny, huh?

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    Thanks for collecting and posting all of these and the news that you do. I love coming here to find out the lastest “goings on.” Also, your blogroll is so useful!

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    I, too, am a faithful poster on CKMB and AMR. I noticed your blog from the Tag button on my blog page. Just wanted to say “Hello.” You can find me aka bjlscrapper.

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