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Scrapbooking Article: “If It Ain’t in the Scrapbook, It Didn’t Happen”

I absolutely adore when scrapbooking is mentioned in the general media, even though they’re usually making fun of us. But that’s okay because, you have to admit, a lot of the things we scrapboookers do is pretty wack. And sometimes really, REALLY wack. So we deserve all the pointing and laughing. We really do.

I mean, WHO DOES THIS!?!?!?

Crazy people, that’s who.

{Myself included}

{I’m not making fun of Katie. I adore her room and am jealous of it. I just wanted to show a scrapbook room and hers is way purdier than mine}.

I had a nice laugh at this recent ARTICLE from a Joplin, MO newspaper.

I loved the “cricket or some kind of insect” part and also about his wife’s pre-done vacation album :) He sounds like a good scrapper’s husband … even if he has to take out a restraining order on his paparazzi … er, wife … when they go on vacation.

What could you relate to in the article?

PS: Thank you to REBECCA, one of my SnY peeps, for sharing this article!

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