… what a disappointment!

As you may have heard me complain about before {ahem}, I live near very little scrapbook shopping. Within 1 hour of me, there is a MICHAELS and then whatever I can find once in a while at TUESDAY MORNING, TARGET, WALMART, and ROSS. The best scrapbook shopping I have is a BEVERLY’s CRAFTS 40 minutes away so I get there about once a month if I’m lucky. I did recently find a new little LSS about an hour away so that’s cool at least but, again, only a once-in-a-while thing.

What I’m tryin’ to tell ya’ is that I’m scrappy shopping deprived, people!! {Which is one of the reasons I become a MEMORY WORKS consultant several years ago, when we went from 7 LSS’s within an hour down to one and then NONE}.

So when I was recently out of town ~ a town with a Joann’s ~ pardon me for being a bit twitterpated about it ;) On the scrapbook message boards and from friends in other states, I hear about Joann’s this and Joann’s that. I’ve been to a Joann’s on various other trips and always found that a decent amount of scrapbook papers and embellishments had jumped into my cart and forced me to buy them.

I’m also familiar with JOANN.COM and occasionally shop online in that huge-amous store. They have coupons!!! Yeah, I like me some Joann.com + coupons. I have snapped up some OCTOBER AFTERNOON collection packs for 40% off and plenty o’ WRMK 12×12 D-ring albums for 1/2 off and free shipping. I mean, it just don’t get much better than that.

wrmk album

But I have to say my recent trip to the brick-and-mortar Joann’s was quite, quite disappointing :(

There were 4 kinda’ short aisles of scrapbooking stuff. Most of it I’ve already seen at Michaels. Or it’s already been in my stash. For years. Okay, maybe not YEARS but, like, for a WHILE. Jeez.

All the open stock 12×12 papers were boring and/or old. The paper pads were meh, nothing from any of the popular brands I like, nothing stark-raving new. It was all so boring, I can’t even really remember what there was.

The only thing I was even tempted to buy was an issue of ARTFUL BLOGGING because it had a feature on scrapbooker REBECCA COOPER, who I’ve always liked.

artful blogging

But I didn’t because at that point I was in “man, I’m so disappointed in this store so you can bite me” mode. {Sorry, I get that way sometimes … when you get me all built up and then dash my hopes}. Joann, can we talk?!?! If your scrapbooking section is going to be THAT lame, why even have one? Just let it go and get some more BEADS or something, mmm kay??? I might as well have been at Walmart 15 minutes and one less tank of gas from my house.

So I left Joann’s empty-frickin’-handed. Totally harshed my mellow, dude.

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    oh bummer! i’ve only had luck with punches and the “oh crap, i’m out of adhesive” type runs. at least, now you know… right? or… better luck next time?!!? :D

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      They did have a pretty good punch selection. I have so many already so I try to kinda’ glide right past that section but I did stop to see if they had a hexagon punch. ‘Cuz that’s the only one I “need” right now ;)

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    I’ve given up on all of the big box stores. Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joanne’s. They just don’t cater to me anymore so I don’t bother looking. I do read posts saying this or that cool thing is there but my local stores (and I have several of each) never carry anything.

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    Suzette says:

    Ahhh… Must of been one of the small “crappy” Joann’s :( It’s deceiving because one might think that all Joann’s are created equal, but au contraire mon frere, they are not! And if you’re outside your home area, it’s hard to tell if the store you’re heading to will be a little one or a nice big one with aisles and aisles of scrappin’ goodness until you get thereqewra. Hopefully you get the chance to visit one of the nice ones soon :)

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Suzette ~ Thank you for the fun comment. You are so right, I’m sure. It must’ve been one of the small yucky Joann’s :( I didn’t know there were 2 versions, LOL! I went to a Hobby Lobby for the first time while traveling about 6 months ago and thought I was in heaven! So that’s kind of what I was expecting. Bummer!

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    Ha! I feel your pain – we no longer have a local store and I feel so deprived!

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