Well, this is probably anticlimactic, since you’ve already seen The Box contents HERE. But I took photos of what I got and will post them anyway, along with the retail price of each item so you can get an idea of HOW worth it this purchase is. {I have rounded the prices up by 1 cent for ease of use, and did not show prices on my favorites at the bottom if they were already included in a prior photo}.

(7) sets of cardstock letter stickers {retail $2 each}


(7) sets of rub-ons in black and silver {retail $4 each}
(1) spiral sticker book, 191 pieces {retail $4.50}


(1) set of rub-ons {retail $4}
(2) sets of acrylic stamps {retail $14 each}


(2) sets of chipboard shapes {retail $5.50 each}
(2) ribbon assortments {retail $5 each}
(2) brad assortments {retail $4 each}


(1) set of Topsiders, chipboard shapes with matching die cuts {retail $7.50}


(7) shaped papers {retail $1 each}


(4) papers from “Sweet Cakes” {retail $.70 each}


(6) papers from “Tinsel Town” {retail $.70 each}
(1) “Paislee Postcards” {retail $.70}


(3) papers from “Spring Fling” {retail $.70 each}


(6) papers from “Office Lingo” {retail $.70 each}


(6) papers from “Pop Fashion” {retail $.70 each}


(5) papers from “Vintage Moon” {retail $.70 each}


(4) transparencies/clear overlays (!) {retail $3 each}


(1) die cut sheet {retail $2}
(1) “Paislee Postcard” {retail $.70}


(1) sheet of paper {retail $.70}
This is my favorite sheet of regular paper. My kids have been eating orange cream popsicles this summer, so this paper was just made for me.


(1) sheet of shaped paper {retail $1}
This is my favorite shaped paper. Love the scallops and the lines for journaling…


My favorite acrylic stamps. These make me very happy :)


My favorite set of letter stickers. I love the bright color and this is one of my favorite letter sticker fonts ever. I just wish it included punctuation (brackets, asterisks, etc.) like some of their other lines do.


My favorite set of rub-ons…so classy looking.


(1) sheet of paper {retail $.70}
This is the only thing in the entire box that I don’t care for. Just not my style although the colors are great.


This is the sneak peek of one of their new lines for CHA, “Twilight.”

This was the only double-sided sheet of the bunch. It has a distressed black polka-dot on the back. I wonder if all their new lines will be double-sided? Not that there’s any doubt which side of THIS paper I’ll be using. Isn’t it cool?

If you’re now a Pink Paislee convert like I am, or have always loved them, HERE is a link to sneak peeks for the CHA-Summer releases later this month. I have to say, this kit totally converted me. Prior to this, all I had of PP was about 3 sheets of paper and some transparencies that I got in a monthly Memory Works kit. My LSS or any store around me has never sold PP, so I had NO idea how rockin’ it was! But seeing how cute it all is and what great quality, they are now in my top 5 favorite scrapbooking companies.

If you’re on the fence about this warehouse sale, I would definitely recommend buying it. I haven’t done the math but there is CLEARLY a huge value here. Just the 2 sets of acrylic stamps alone account for 1/2 the price of the entire box including shipping {$28 of $55}. They shipped very quickly and it was packed very well, nothing damaged. But you’d better hurry….SALE ENDS THIS FRIDAY, JULY 9!!

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    The paper that you didn’t like I have too. I use it by cutting out the flowers and using them on my LOs/cards that way. I cut quite a few out, make it look like a bouquet and put a bow around the “stems”. I still have the sheet I’ve had for over a year and still have several flowers left to cut out.

    1. avatar

      Great idea, Stacey!

  2. avatar

    Oh and BTW, I just ordered this box. I was going to hold out and save my money but I just can’t stand not having all of the goodies :)

    1. avatar

      I know, it was impossible to resist, wasn’t it?

  3. avatar

    So glad that you got yours! When you break it down like that you can really see what a bargin it was (even with the expense of shipping overseas too) Enjoy scrapping with it all!

    1. avatar

      Hi Kristin ~ If my math was right, it was over $160 worth of stuff!

  4. avatar

    Once I saw your last post about this and checked out what was in the boxes, I ordered it. It should be here today and I can’t wait!!!! :D

    1. avatar

      Hey Erica, that’s what I’m here for…to enable. Glad you got one! ~Erika

  5. avatar

    wowza! so, i think that you saved mega dollars! i soooo want to order one :) just got to convince DH that it’s a great deal, and your numbers might just do the trick!

    1. avatar

      Glad to help! LOL ~Erika

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    Abby says:

    So happy you got all those yummy goodies in your box. I don’t feel so bad about not being able to order one now. I’m such a Pink Paislee nut, that I have at least 80% of that already (blush, blush). I got a lot for Christmas last year and had a dear friend send me some extra in an order. Is my computer broke, or can I not see that new sneak sheet of paper?

    1. avatar

      I can see the Sneak paper. Is it invisible to anyone else? Abby, it’s a sheet of Twilight, the same one I posted at AMR if that helps :) ~Erika

  7. avatar

    My box was pretty much the same as yours except the sneak peek paper. I got a scalloped circle sheet of Reindeer Games. It really doesn’t look too Christmas-y to me so I am ready to use it soon! :)

    I actually made my first page using my contents last night and am loving it! :)

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    I ordered it!!!! I have been wanting to since the first day that I read about the sale, but I had to wait until today’s paycheck for it to be in the budget!!! Thanks for posting all the pics of what’s in the box, so I can look forward to (and obsess) while I wait for it to come! How long did yours take?

  9. avatar

    I’m so glad you already got yours!!! I’m green with envy! I wished I get my box soooon(I’ll have to wait for 2 mos more =( )!!! In the meantime, I’ll just comfort my self with this post. Thanks for sharing!!!

    BTW, so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Expect me to be a regular visitor here! =)

  10. avatar
    Abby says:

    I see it now! Cool with the ledger look, but I’m not a big fan of the tombstones. I’d prob cover those up.

  11. […] got the PP warehouse boxes in both 2009 and 2010. However, I think I’m going to pass this year. When I look at the sample in their ad […]

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