I’ve been so busy with the holidays and work, I haven’t gotten over to Michaels in weeks. I don’t feel guilty about that until they start calling me at home. They’re all, “Erika, you have to come shop. Our scrapbook sales have seriously dipped and we’re considering closing down those aisles” and “We haven’t been able to pay our light bill!” Which I think are just high-pressure tactics and I ignore them at first. But then they call back and call back and then I feel horrible :(

Although I haven’t been to Mike’s in a while, my scrappy friend Alison took these photos and is letting me share them – cuz I knew you’d want to know! The details are from Alison too :)

BRAND NEW LINE Crate Paper “Hello Love” and new Craftsmith “Soho Tropical”

michaels hot buy pads

WRMK “Wildflowers” (prettier in person than online) and Dear Lizzie “Documentary”

michaels hot buy pads

New Craftsmith “Melon Patch” and “Seaglass” (am I reading those right from the photos? Halp!)

New Craftsmith “Words to Live By”

They had a ton of new solid cardstock packs. And here’s something different – a pad that’s made to look like paint chips! On some pages, they are small 2×2 squares, others there are 3-4 colors per page.

So what do you think? See any Must Haves? I’m eyeing the “Words to Live By” and “Paint Chip” pads. Maybe if I can find them for $5-6 at some point.

Speaking of which, there are varying reports about the price of these Hot Buy pads. They’re regularly $19.99. The ad apparently says they’re $10 this week or you may have to use the 40% off coupon to bring the cost down, i.e., Word on the Street is jumbled :)

Happy Shopping!

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    Hello! Thanks for the peeks! I love to see them. Soho Tropical catches my eye for sure. I always buy rich, bright colors, but when I pull out my stuff to scrap, it seems I always go with white paper – crazy! Thanks again.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hey Melissa! Soho Tropical is pretty. So do you end up using the colorful papers as accents or do they stay in their pretty paper pad? Hee hee …

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    Teri Pannesi says:

    SO yeah, I ‘might’ have fallen into Michaels just after Christmas (under severe pressure of course!) and scooped up Christmas paper pads at 6 bucks…and project life at half off…. I am working on those Tim Holtz folios and making Christmas ones to sell. Just in time when people get their pics printed!! Could NOT help myself when I saw the sale signs… I heard trumpets and angels and pretty sparkly light shining right down on the paper. Sigh. My name is Teri, and I have a scrapbook addiction.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hello Teri! Annnnnd this is why you and I are friends :) Twins, Similarly scrapbook obsessed. Addiction sisters. Hollah!

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