Yahoo!! I finished my scrapbook space organization today!

Of course, I’ll be telling and showing you lots more about it but for now, here’s a quick preview of just one big improvement = my desk top.





Not only is there space to scrapbook again but there’s a little more elbow room overall.

I’m so excited to tell you more about this big project!

Have a great weekend :)

PS: If you’re fittin’ to do a major transformation of your scrapbook space like I just did, stay tuned. I’m offering a 10-week organization class starting on Monday 01-18-16. More details to follow . . .

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    Jessie says:

    Looking good Erika

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Thank you, Jessie!

  2. avatar

    So far it looks great!!!!
    I am working on mine as well…its an ongoing challenge, teehee

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