As you may know, I have a thing about typos in scrapbook magazines and in published layouts. Well, how about typos in scrapbooking products??

In this Two Peas THREAD, a Pea points out that there’s an error in this BASIC GREY “Shift” paper from the “Lucille” line:

She was referring to the phrase “Cut on the Bais” which should say “bias.” But as the thread went along, astute Peas began finding more and more problems with this single sheet of Basic Grey scrapbook paper. It would be sad if it weren’t so freakin’ funny. Jeez.

– “cut along the the dotted line” with “the” twice
– “fulness” with one L
– “throed” instead of thread

Did I miss any? I’m on a laptop so it’s hard to read the fine print.

All of this reminded me of other typos in scrapbook products, like these from TERESA COLLINS “Butterfly” paper from the “Tell Your Story” collection:

– “because of you have lived” (top right)
– “it is never to late” (middle left)
– bad punctuation throughout

And THEN there was this one by MY MIND’S EYE, from the Indie Chic line:

ETA 11/08/12: Found some more!

From the WRMK “Friends Furever” line, paper called “Furry Friends” … see if you can find it :)

“A house is not a home without dog.” Hee.

“Glitter Lucky Lime” paper from the “Heat Wave” collection by AMERICAN CRAFTS

Do you wear “sandles” to the beach?

This one is more challenging … from “Arizona” paper by the STAMPING STATION:

“Sendona” in the purple section … should be Sedona. SUPPOSEBLY there are other typos in that one but I don’t know Arizona well enough to catch any of them. If you see any others, please let me know in Comments.

It’s mostly been papers so far but here is a flaw in the “Sports” design cartridge for Slice by MAKING MEMORIES:

That one made me literally LOL . . . FOUR!!

And here is a stamp set with a minor apostrophe issue – that would probably only bug the truly picky. From the “Nauti-Cool” set by WILSON DESIGNS STAMPS:

“Fathers Day” is missing one.

Here are 3 more in a stamp set by the same company! From “Gnomebody Like You”:

Maybe they sell a little apostrophe stamp separately and you’re just supposed to insert “you’re” own where appropriate?

Here’s some more paper . . . CRATE PAPER “June” from the “Portrait” collection:

It’s “Janurary” now, is it?

According to a Pea, the online version of this American Crafts “Soho Garden” chipboard is correct:

But the one she bought at an LSS says “I am Home When I am”. Wow, so existential! {Thanks Tina!}

How about this one from STUDIO CALICO‘s “Classic 3 Alpha Sheet”?

I guess it’s fine as long as you don’t need to spell “December Daily” or “Dead as a Doornail” or “Delightfully Delicious” ;)
{Thanks to Ann from CALI CRAFTS for that one!}

Here’s another one . . . from the DCWV “Guy Stack”.

It says “COUCH” instead of “COACH”. Like Patti said, “I think this one by DCWV might be a Freudian slip by some disgruntled wife.” Ha!

ETA 11/09/12: I’m adding some more. Thanks for telling me about them everyone! I still can’t believe there are so many . . .

MY MIND’S EYE “Christmas” die cuts from the “Lost and Found” line:

Ah, the lovely month of . . . Decemeber??

From the “Note to Self” line from ECHO PARK, the “Quotes” paper has a frequent pet peeve of grammar girls . . .

SHIMELLE did such a good job of explaining it, I’m just going to quote her:

It’s versus its drives me absolutely batty, so this paper sets my teeth on edge.

(If ‘it’s’ has an apostrophe, it is ALWAYS ‘it is’. The possessive of its is just like his and hers, which is not hi’s and her’s. It’s such a common error that I know I should just get over it, but instead, it glares more and more at me! I also have nightmares about making the mistake myself just because it bothers me so much, and especially with autocorrect it is easy to make.)

ETA 06-22-13: As Andrea in Comments pointed out, “There’s another typo on that Echo Park ‘Note to Self’ paper – ‘Your Guess Is As Good Mine’ is missing another ‘as.’ Good pull, Andrea!

I have to admit I probably would’ve missed this one from OCTOBER AFTERNOON‘s “Rocket Age” word stickers:

Near the bottom is a strip that says “Into the Great Unkown” . . . Thanks for the tip, zonefan!

ETA 06-22-13: Shelly49 at Two Peas pointed this out … “In the strip at the very bottom that says ‘Thats one small step…’ Should be That’s.” Thanks!

And in Comments, Ellen says, “I think October Afternoon’s ‘Rocket Age’ has another error. I believe ‘Wiz Kid’ is a wizard child. ‘Whiz Kid’ is an intelligent or smart child.”

Here’s some interesting paper from CP’s “Fourteen” line:

Aw, CRATE PAPER, another one? I mean, TWO? The months of the year really seem to trip up these manus, don’t they? {Thanks Elise!}

ETA 12-15-12: Just found another one in an e-mail I got for a sale ;)

In the Giant Rhinestone Kit from “Cashmere Dame” by GLITZ DESIGN

Shouldn’t it be HUBBA HUBBA? {I’m pronouncing this is “hugh-buh hugh-buh”}. Such a bummer because I would’ve bought those otherwise. I love all their stuff … it’s so purdy. Oh, and there were typos in the e-mail, too ;)

ETA 02-09-13: Had to do a whole ‘nother post about THIS ONE because it hit so close to home :(

ETA 03-24-13: Oh noes! My fave company let another one through … from Simple Stories new line “24/7”:

Thanks threecs! Ironically, “picture” is spelled correctly here … and then not.

ETA 05-03-13: MAMBI made a big OOPS on their pocket page cards – but they tried to make it right. See all the deets HERE.

ETA 05-17-13: PennyPaws at TwoPeas posted this recently:

Pebbles’ Lakeside Collection “Summer Camp”, and the B side has different categories like “Food”, “Crafts”, First Aid”, etc… It has a box with “Troup #” written in it… Thinking they meant “troop”.

Thanks for taking a photo of that, PennyPaws! I couldn’t find an image online anywhere, even Pebbles own website ;)

ETA 05-21-13: According to a Pea in THIS THREAD, there are even more mistakes being found in the MAMBI cards but I don’t have specifics or pictures, sorry :(

ETA 06-22-13: Now it’s Carta Bella’s turn for a typo. This one is on their “Well Played” border strips paper:

In the 4th row from the top and on the very bottom strip is the same quote from Charles M. “Shultz” … whose last name was in fact spelled “Shulz.”

Little personal note on this one: My mom actually met Mr. Shulz back in the 1970s when he came through her workplace; she worked for a man who would later become President of the US :) She grabbed a piece of scrap paper from the copier and Mr. Shulz drew a Snoopy for her little son, my brother (I was still a twinkle in my parents’ eyes at that point). Many years later after he passed away, my mom donated that drawing to the CHARLES M. SHULZ Museum and Research Center. Cool, huh?

ETA 06-22-13: Now I’m going to catch up on other typos that have been sent to me but haven’t been added to this post yet. You guys have been SO great about sending me the typos and errors you find in scrapbooking products. Please keep them coming! I love to include links to your blogs, Twitter, or whatever else you like – so include those too, please. Okay, here we go …

From an American Crafts “Remarks” pack (I’m not sure which line?), you can go over the “mountians.” How do you pronounce that? Moun-chins?

And from a WRMK “Cristmas” paper … (ETA 04-01-14: My own ‘WMRK’ typo fixed!)

Thanks for those two, KATE!

Glitz Design is represented again, with a stamp set from their “Yours Truly” line … or should I say “Your’s Truly”?

Thanks Shane_Marie from Two Peas! I love your post: “Unless Glitz were wanting to be mind-bendingly philosophical: can a possession be possessive? Or possessiveness possess? Or…

Nah, it’s just a typo ;) ”

This one isn’t a typo or error per se but maybe unintended scrap-p*rn from Basic Grey? It’s an image in their True Love Collection “Kissing Tree” paper. Usually my mind is firmly in the gutter, but I would never have noticed this one!

So I’m glad that Heather is an observant one. Check out her hilarious BLOG ENTRY for the full story.

Pink Paislee “Snow Day” Bitty Blocks alphas – do you see what’s missing?

Let’s just say it’s a good thing there are plenty of d’s that you can turn upside-down. Sheesh. Thanks for that one, AndreaK from Two Peas!

Crate Paper is back. Below in Comments, Alyssa says there’s a typo in their Portrait line “Accent Cuts” sheet with “Administration” misspelled.

This is the largest image I can find and on my laptop screen, I can’t see the error but hope you can!

Patrice in Comments pointed out this one by Bo Bunny. On their “We The People” paper, it says United STATE of America.

I guess one state WOULD be really united with itself, huh?

I think this is Project Life’s first entry into the typo game. It’s from the “Midnight” edition:

Thanks Melissa for finding the image on Instagram! If anyone knows whose pic that is, please let me know … I’d love to credit them.

Pebbles Inc. “Family Ties” line has a typo in their Journaling and Phrase Cards:

On the top right, it should say WE’RE not WERE. Thanks Just Me the Pea! You also mentioned another error in the MAMBI cards but I don’t have a pic of it:

“In the MAMBI PL card set, think it is called ‘A Kid’s Life’. I remember one of the typos was something like ‘things I like play with’. ACK I wish I had it in front of me. But I know it was a typo because two of the cards said that and two other cards said “things I like TO play with” so I knew the other 2 cards were wrong.”

I almost hate to mention that Crate Paper has yet ANOTHER typo. It’s from an older line “Farmhouse” and the paper is called “Apple Pie”.

JESS AMAZING did such a good job explaining and providing an image, I’ll let her do the talking (copied from her post on Two Peas):

“I have another one for you! It’s older, but Crate Paper’s ‘Apple Pie’ paper had a numbered ledger design featuring the number 23 twice. I was so annoyed when I found this, after having taken the time to cut & adhere perfectly so as to use it for an actual list. Fortunately, it was a list of 25 so I just layered a sticker over the last few numbers. Annoying”

From the Dear Lizzy “Little Trinket” paper from the “Lucky Charm” line, we have repeated use of the word “vingtage”. Oy.

Thanks for the tip, leisa77!

Here’s another one from my fave company, Simple Stories. It’s on one of the Title Strip Elements papers in the “Summer Fresh” line. Here’s the paper – but you can’t see the error here – it’s covered:

If you go to the Simple Stories blog HERE, you can scroll down and see the error. (I can’t copy the image here because it includes ALL of those papers and is rather large).

“The typed quote strip reads, ‘Let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we see.’ The verb they wanted was ‘lie,’ not ‘lay.’ Probably not a typo so much as a common grammar flub.”

Thanks tsabhira from Two Peas!

In Comments, Jill pointed out some problems with the 7 Gypsies “Postale” line. On the “Priority” paper, the oh-so-important word PRIORITY is spelled PRIORTY. Oopsie!

This one isn’t a typo on the product itself but the packaging. It’s on the enamel dots from the MME “Find Your Wings and Fly” collection.

I mean the acrylic stamps. I mean the enamel dots. Jeesh, I’m so confused! {Thanks Stephanie!}

KBPea pointed out this one, from a WRMK tag:

Which is kinda’ freaky-deaky because in a post I wrote earlier today (before I saw this tag posted) that will post Monday AM, I wrote about how I just learned that I’ve been spelling y’all wrong for years and years. Am I the only one (well, other than WRMK) who’s been spelling it wrong? LOL

ETA 09/08/13: Time to add a few more I’ve been told about . . .

From a paper in the Studio Calico “Snippets” line. Notice anything missing?

Rebecca from the HOW I BURB blog points out, “They must not like Halloween” :)

ETA 01-25-14: As noted by Joyatee, Sherrie and Melissa Kaye in Comments, they also spelled “Janurary” incorrectly. Two mistakes in one paper.

From the Project Life “Honey” edition, again – something is missing here. A couple of somethings, in fact.

SB typo PL Honey card

Thanks to Audrey, who tipped me off in Comments below!

I actually have this “Mother’s Day” album kit from WRMK but my friend Abby is the one who pointed out the error, and sent me this great pic with the cool arrow :)

SB typo WRMK md album

C’mon, WRMK. “Your” SURE you proofread that? Bwahahahaha!

How about this one {maybe kinda’ two} from Studio Calico’s “Storytime – Baby Boy” line?

Here’s the pic provided by the vendor. Some think that the way “To the Moon & Back” is written looks more like “The To Moon & Back” and I tend to agree. I know it’s ‘art’ but it’s hard to read.

Here’s the typo though in the actual item sent out.


What the hay? Shouldn’t the entirely blue sheet have been an indicator that it should say BOY??? {Thanks TAMMI!}

ETA 10-14-13: Fellow Pea Valerie mentioned this one . . . “It’s” a problem with the “Good Tidings” Frame Tags by Chic Tags.

Seems like “it’s” often those apostrophes that are throwing people off. It is = it’s.

ETA 01-21-14: Thank you to LINDA in Comments for pointing out this one from PINK PAISLEE:

The alphabet on the left has no “W” stickers! Guess you’d better not plan on doing a layout about Winter Wonderland :)

ETA 01-25-14: Mentioned on Two Peas was an error in one of the 3×4 cards in the new Project Life CORAL set, which I happened to have so I took a photo:


Before my coffee, it does feel like a morning “rountine” sometimes :P Gennifer posted: “My friend is the one who designed that kit. IIRC, she caught the error and corrected it before they were printed, but somehow the original file was mistakenly sent instead of the corrected one.” How frustrating that must be.

I’ll call this one a wobbler. The Peas were debating whether there’s a typo or misspelling in this sticker sheet from “Family Traditions” by Webster’s Pages:

Do you think “cooky” is an okay alternate spelling of “kooky” or is that misspelled?

Thanks to patowle at Two Peas for pointing this one out – from My Minds Eye “The Sweetest Thing” Tiny Word Stickers:

I wonder if MME has caught the “engergetic” error yet; it’s still posted on their website with the misspelling.

ETA 06-03-14: A popular online scrapbook store sent out an e-mail today offering this sticker sheet for only 1 cent – whoo hoo!

Wait, what? Paying full price for this would be like a ‘firecraker’ blowing up in your face, eh? {Guess we figured out why it’s such a great deal, ha!}

Thank you to sweet scrapper TinkGumby (Maria) for sharing this one (: (: (:

ETA 08-01-15:

The first one is in this WRMK Albums Made Easy journal card pack:


Oh dear.

Thanks for the tip-off for that one, Liana!

The second one is from a Teresa Collins “Save the Date” 12×12 paper called “The Details.”

“Your my best friend” fer sure.

Thanks, katyscrap!

The next 2 errors are from a brand new collection by Echo Park called “Teacher’s Pet” …

echo park teachers pet

I don’t think the proofreader made the “honor role” in school :P

And this one from the same line is a misquote instead of a typo:

echo park teachers pet
As you can see from the book cover, the correct quote should include “you’ll” as opposed to “you will.”

Credit goes to Laura for finding these two.


What do you think about all of these errors in scrapbooking products? Annoying? Unconscionable? Or “oh well”?

Personally, they drive me crazy. Yes, transcriptionist and English major here so I notice things that maybe others wouldn’t. But even if typos didn’t generally bug me, I’m paying for a product and expect it to be proofread, for gosh sakes.

Is it due to economic hardships for the companies, fewer employees, can’t afford the time to proofread? What? I find it ironic – if that is even the case – that there is a whole world of scrapbookers out here who would LOVE to proof new products and would even do it for FREE. C’mon, scrapbook companies, I’m here for ya’!!

So tell me your thoughts on the matter even IF* you’re just “meh” about it all. And let me know of other scrapbook product typos you’ve come across. I’ll post them here :)

*Typo fixed! Was there only one in this whole post!?! LOL
ETA 01-04-14: Another typo fixed :P

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  1. avatar
    Queenbanana says:

    I thought it was just me. I just recently ordered the Lucille collection and was looking at it online when I noticed that bias was spelled incorrectly. It irked me as a lawyer, person that can spell, and a scrapbooker. I agree we are paying for this product. Unfortunately, I have the Teresa Collins Tell Your Story line too, yikes. And yes I would proofread for product!!

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      I wonder if you contact Basic Grey (or these other companies), will they offer compensation of some sort? It would be nice if they sent you some free paper or something!

  2. avatar

    I see typos and incorrect use of the English language everyday from magazines to our daily newspapers. It is a sad commentary on the state of our educational system here in the United States.

  3. avatar

    It drives me crazy too. And it makes me wonder if some people really think that those words are supposed to be spelled that way (“sandles” is one I see from time to time) or used that way (“four”). I see apostrophe abuse a lot though…so that comes as no surprise (still annoying).

  4. avatar

    Very amusing post…and kind of disturbing at the same time. Why ARE so many blunders made? Here’s another:×12-postale-paper/?filters=_7gypsies_ The paper is called “Priority,” but the word itself is spelled incorrectly on the paper as “priorty.”

    1. avatar
      Ellen says:

      Also in that line and embellishment card reads “A Good Dud”. Where can I find a good dud! If they are Milk Dud, great!

      1. avatar
        Ellen says:

        Oops. My bad. I meant “Also in that line, AN embellishment card…”. Sorry. %-)

      2. avatar
        Scrapbook Obsession says:

        Hi Ellen – I can’t find this one. Can you lead me to an image, please? Thanks!

    2. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Thanks Jill. Got it posted!

  5. avatar
    Lizzie says:

    Good posting! Sad commentary of the state of education in our country. One thing I would like to point out, however. In the Nauti-Cool stamp set, it is acceptable for an apostrophe to mark a dropped terminal G. I don’t see any errors in that stamp set. Your thoughts?

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Lizzie – The error is in Fathers Day. There should be an apostrophe in “Father’s” :)

  6. avatar
    Desiree says:

    Love your post, and this may be the curse many face when being critical of others grammatical errors, but you forgot an “if” in your last paragraph :). It doesn’t bother me, it just never fails. Also, in regards to “four,” was that supposed to say “foul?”

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      I fixed the IF – thanks! And “four” is supposed to be “fore” which is a golf term :)

  7. avatar

    This English major/proofreader is a kindred spirit. Drives me crazy when anything is published or sold with those types of errors. Thanks for expressing it so well!

  8. avatar

    @Desiree-I thought the “four!” was supposed to read “fore!” as in golf.

    On the sports paper, I saw couch and thought it meant sitting on the couch watching sports. lol

  9. avatar

    This copy editor thanks you! I can’t go anywhere without seeing typos … not even my craft space, LOL!

  10. avatar
    Hannah says:

    Might want to fix this one up

    You wrote; “Sendona” in the purple sections … should be Sedona. SUPPOSEBLY there are other typos in that one but I don’t know Arizona well enough to catch any of them.”

    Supposebly isn’t a word – I think you might mean supposedly.

    Kinda funny blogging about spelling mistakes with spelling mistakes in your article, perhaps everyone has their faults – even manufacturers

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      “Supposebly” was a joke :P

      1. avatar
        Christina says:

        I definitely thought “SUPPOSEBLY” was written in jest, particularly since it was in all caps. I’m on your side, Scrapbook Obsession!

  11. avatar

    My copy of that October Afternoon Rocket Age sticker sheet also wasn’t diecut properly, which was VERY annoying — the stickers ripped when I tried to take them off the sheet. I threw away the “unkown” sticker. There was a missing apostrophe on that sheet, too. :(

    1. avatar
      Christina says:

      I frequently find myself adding apostrophes with a white pen.

  12. avatar
    Alyssa says:

    I was using Crate Paper’s Portrait line last night, and noticed on the Accent Cuts sheet Administration is spelled “Adminsitration.” There things drive me seriously NUTS. It’s so easy- just pass it around the office so different eyes can catch different things. Or hire a focus group to preview- many of us would love a peek at new product not yet released in exchange for a little editing. I can’t stand it when I buy something with errors.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Finally got it added, Alyssa. Thanks so much for the tip! I agree about the focus group. We are here for you, scrapbook companies!

  13. avatar
    Gail O. says:

    Oh my gosh!! I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for something else and this post had me laughing so very hard! I see errors in punctuation and spelling everywhere, and they drive me crazy. Do you think these errors might have something do with with outsourcing production of goods? Lost in translation?? Let’s hope! I also found it interesting that I don’t own any of these lines of paper or embellishments that have the mistakes on them, but did consider purchasing nearly all of them at one point or another… was it the unconscious ability to see mistakes and talk myself out of a purchase that would drive me crazy, had I actually paid money for typos? Maybe. ;) Anyway, it was a fabulous post, and I think I’ll share it with my friends! Thank you!

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Thanks for the nice comment, Gail. I, too, wonder why there are so many errors. Maybe there always have been and I just didn’t realize the amount of them until they were all in one place, LOL. I don’t happen to own many of these products either. Interesting …

  14. avatar
    Patrice P says:

    I found one last night while admiring my 4th of July layout. It’s on the BoBunny Liberty paper. It says “The United State of America”. Not States, State.

      1. avatar
        Patrice P says:

        It’s at the bottom of the blue star paper (the A-side is “We the People”).

      2. avatar
        Scrapbook Obsession says:

        Thanks Patrice! I finally added it to my post :) Hope your layout wasn’t ruined.

  15. […] sell bunches of it … in all fairness, this latest scrapbooking product typo must go into the HALL OF SHAME :( It’s like sending one of my own kids to the principal, […]

  16. avatar
    Andrea Kuenzel says:

    Funny! Pink Paislee’s Snow Day tiny alphas were missing the ‘p’s’

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Andrea, I got it added to the post. Thank you so much :)

  17. avatar
    Andrea says:

    There’s another typo on that Echo Park “Note to Self” paper – “Your Guess Is As Good Mine” is missing another “as.”

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      That’s been added above. Thanks Andrea. Sharp eyes!

  18. avatar
    Ellen says:

    I think October Afternoon’s “Rocket Age” has another error. I believe “Wiz Kid” is a wizard child. “Whiz Kid” is an intelligent or smart child.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      I added it above. Thanks Ellen!

  19. avatar
    Melissa says:

    You should add the typo on the Project Life Midnight Edition card as well.

    This from someone’s Instagram, I couldn’t find an image online elsewhere.

    1. avatar
      Melissa says:

      By the way that isn’t my image, i linked without linking to the person’s profile so it didn’t invade their privacy but I don’t want to claim ownership of it. I just couldn’t find another image to show you. Please feel free to delete the link!

      1. avatar
        Scrapbook Obsession says:

        It’s been included above, Melissa. Thanks so much.

  20. avatar
    Audrey says:

    Bought project life honey yesterday only to open it and find that one of the 4×6 calendar cards is missing Friday and Saturday! I’ll email a photo.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Finally got it added, Audrey! Thanks for pointing that out :)

  21. avatar

    I love that you’re keeping this list! I actually just found the picture type-o on that simple stories sheet and came to see if anyone had “reported it.” Of course they did! Thanks for all the updates and laughs!

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Rebecca, I added the SC “Snippets” one you mentioned at SnY. Thanks!

  22. avatar

    Fun post, thanks for sharing :)

  23. avatar
    Chris Connolly says:

    Not sure if you caught this 2Peas thread a while back on a Webster’s Pages Family Traditions misspelling You can see the product line here (scroll down to the stickers).

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Chris, thanks for the reminder. I finally got it posted.

  24. avatar

    The Studio Calico “Snippets” line that forgot about Halloween seems to have the same proofer as previous months. “Janurary” must be a thing now.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Sorry I missed your comment earlier, Joyatee. I added it – thank you!

  25. avatar

    LOL!! I was wondering why I was getting so many hits on my “BasicGrey goes porn” post. I didn’t think there were “real” people who read my blog. LOL I thought Mom, Grandma and some of my closest URL friends were reading. Thank you so much for the traffic.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      You’re welcome, Heather :) It’s a very funny post – great job!

  26. avatar

    ‘Less’ employees or ‘fewer’ employees in your last paragraph? Otherwise I’m so glad to discover that it’s not just me who is driven mad by all these errors!

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Fixed it, Vicky. If only it were so easy for the manufacturers, LOL! Thanks :)

  27. avatar

    Thanks for this post! I can’t believe there are so many, I’d like to see photos of the other Project Life errors. I got this sticker sheet from pink paislee that is missing W’s

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Thanks so much, Linda! I posted it :) Love your blog <3

  28. avatar

    In the Studio Calico Snippets image above, they haven’t spelt January correctly either :-)

    1. avatar

      I noticed that too!

      1. avatar
        Scrapbook Obsession says:

        Wow, sharp eyes, Sherrie and Melissa Kaye! I’ve added it ~ thank you :)

  29. avatar

    Hi, there — Just found your link on 2Peas. What a great post! Typos drive me crazy, too! I found them more than once at the manufacturer I used to work for, sometimes when it was too late. Not sure if anyone else has already pointed it out, but from your update on 6/22/13, you write, “And from a WMRK “Cristmas” paper …” I’m pretty sure you meant WRMK. ; ) Just goes to show typos happen to the best of su — I mean us. Thanks again!

    1. avatar

      p.s. Just want to point out that the credit given by the automatically added text above doesn’t really belong to me! The “Spring is in the Air!” post is not mine. It’s from Darlene, one of my talented friends and co-contributors on The Crafting Journals.

      1. avatar
        Scrapbook Obsession says:

        Those links are auto-generated so I can’t fix it but thank you for pointing that out, Carla! And thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it :)

    2. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Yes, yes they do! Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix it :)

  30. […] you seen my ongoing list of typos and errors in scrapbooking products? If not, check it out HERE. I have some new additions to the list. The first one is in this WRMK Albums Made Easy journal […]

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