Yep, I’m so stinkin’ excited!



Okay, so that wasn’t a magazine you were expecting, huh? Whoever would’ve thought I’d be mentioned in an article in “Hobby Farm Home” magazine, right? Not me. But here is how they describe the HFH mag on Hobby Farms website:

Hobby Farm Home
The editors of Hobby Farms also produce Hobby Farm Home, the home magazine for those truly living in the country. Hobby Farm Home highlights farmhouse activities such as cooking, crafting, collecting, pet care and home arts and skills.

See? Crafting. That’s us. Scrappers are crafters!

I answered some questions for the writer back in September 2010 and never heard anything more of it. I was just going to contact MONETTE to ask if her article was accepted. Then I was in Walmart one day looking for the latest CREATING KEEPSAKES and SCRAPBOOKS ETC and there was Hobby Farm Home magazine! I flipped through it to see if the article might be in there and had the most surreal experience … there was my name at the top of page 66. Holy mother of … WTH?

I called my mom right from the magazine aisle. I bought all three copies they had, which made the checkout lady wonder, LOL. I told her I was mentioned in an article and she was giddy with me :) Even though she had NO idea what I was talking about … Scrapbooking your farm? Mmmm-kay …

There was one little bit of confusion printed but that’s okay. Just for fun … whoever spots it first and leaves a comment here, I’ll send you a $5 Starbucks card (or Target card? if you don’t like coffee, tea, sweets, or smoothies … hee).

I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging. I actually found this out 2 or 3 weeks ago but was too bashful to say anything. But I’m still excited and can’t contain myself. This is NOT the kind of thing that happens to me! So it was extra-special and fun. Thanks for letting me share.

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    MichelleGB says:

    Congratulations! Very cool! The only thing I could find is the reference to “paper books” – I’m assuming it was supposed to be “paper pads”. But I’m ready this really early in the morning and could totally have missed what you were referring to. LOL!

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    That is very exciting! Congratulations!

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    Wow Erika, how exciting! I read your quote,

    “Erika Bullard, a blogger at Scrapbook Obsession and a MemoryWorks consultant, stresses that original documents such as legal and historical records should not be included in your album”

    Very Cool! You have been published!!

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    I am so stinkin excited for you!!!!!

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    Karen R says:

    So cool! How exciting for you!

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    That’s great news! Congratulations!!!

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    Congratulations! How exciting! You should be proud! :)

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    If I were in a national magazine, you better believe I would be tooting my own horn! I am very happy for you. It is a very exciting thing. Congratulations!

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    Renee C says:

    That is very exciting! Toot away!

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    I’m so glad you’re pleased with the article. I thought it turned out nicely and the art department made it look so good.

    Your help was invaluable and I know the article wouldn’t have been as good without your input – thanks so much for helping me :)

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    Not something to hide! Something to be proud of, for sure.

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    Are you Kidding my Brag away sister, I would :)

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    Congrats! That is definitely brag worthy!

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    Congratulations on getting picked up by a publication like that!!

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    Is it that you are a “blogger” at Scrapbook Obsession instead of the “owner”?


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