I’ve been lucky enough to again receive a copy of a new scrapbooking novel to give away! I know how much you love these :)

This time, it’s Gossamer Ghost (A Scrapbooking Mystery) by LAURA CHILDS.

{You can see other posts I’ve done about her books HERE, including a post where YOU got to ask questions of Laura and she answered them for you!}.

The prize is in hardcover because the book just came out in October 2014. All you do to enter is click on Comments under the title to this post and leave a Comment :)

The comment can be about anything but if you’re speechless today, here are some ideas:

– What do you love about scrapbooking novels?
– How many scrapbooking novels have you read? Have a favorite?
– How do you like the way my blog re-design is going (be honest!). Is the “all white” too hard on the eyes? Other suggestions or comments?
– How long have you been a Scrapbook Obsession reader?
– What types of things would you like to read about here that I don’t cover (or cover enough?)

Because I’m so curious about those last 3 questions, I’ll send out a lil’ scrappy prize to someone who thoughtfully answers one (or more) of those – and you’re still eligible for the book, too.

DEADLINE: Sunday, November 30, 2014 at midnight PST
*Open to mailing addresses in the US only

Winners will be announced the following week. Please make sure when leaving a comment that it includes a way to reach you if you win – a link to your blog, your e-mail, etc. Book winner will be selected by random draw. I will hand-pick the scrappy prize winner.

PS: If you’re too anxious to wait for the giveaway (or would prefer a Kindle version instead of a hard copy), the book is available NOW for sale RIGHT HERE. If you’d like to check out other Scrapbooking Mysteries by Laura Childs, you can find them all HERE.

Please tell your scrapbooking and mystery loving friends about the contest! You can use the Share buttons below to easily post to your social media :)

Thanks for entering and sharing!

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  1. avatar
    Teri Pannesi says:

    I have this book on my wishlist on amazon!!! I love her books!
    It’s funny that scrapbooking is our obsession and thankfully since I can’t scrapbook in bed (yes, I’ve tried) I can instead read about scrapbooking!!!

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Ha, Teri! I have scrapbook-organized in bed but I don’t think I’ve ever scrapbooked there. I have a CA King so it’s nice to spread out and organize PL cards or page protectors into piles before putting them away and such.
      I’m so glad there are scrapbook novels, too :)

  2. avatar
    Teri Pannesi says:

    Further…. i like the all white it is easier on the eyes. Having a different colored ‘ink’ is harder for eyes to adjust to so this is more like..reading a book!!! (see what I did there!?)

    I think I’ve followed you for a couple of years and adore your writing style! You so often make me laugh out loud and ENABLE my habit!!

    I need to find one of the scrappy books i read that was a total surprise “criminal” as the murderer but I loved the story!

    i would love to see some of your PL pages. You got me started on PL and I blame you for this current obesssion!!!

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      You clever one! Just to make sure, are you saying my blog is easy to read the way it is, with the black on white text? I’ve heard that’s the easiest on the eyes. My tag line, post tags, etc. are in a charcoal grey on my end; I hope those are legible as well. And that the turquoise sidebar and link text are easy to differentiate and read (?).

      I’m so happy to make you laugh and to enable. Those are my 2 main goals, whoo hoo!

      I’ll try to post some PL pages. I’m very shy about posting my own stuff but we’ll see … So glad I got you started on Project Life; it’s a wonderful way to scrapbook.

      Thanks for all the input, Teri. I appreciate that you read and leave comments. You are wonderful!

  3. avatar
    Gail O. says:

    I’ve never read a scrapbooking novel, which is odd since reading is right up there with scrapbooking on my list of obsessions… I mean hobbies. ;) Why shouldn’t I combine the two?

    Thanks for doing your blog- I thoroughly enjoy reading every post and love having the giggle to two (or more!) that each post provides! Not to mention all the ideas and info you share. I’ve been a follower for at least a year. I know it’s been longer than that, but I’m not sure how much longer. And I love the new blog design! I think the white background is lovely, classic and clean. And it’s easy to navigate, which is a plus! I’m always put off by blogs where you have to play the “where’s the comment button?” game. ;)

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Gail! Yes, you definitely need to read scrapbook novels = best of both worlds. There are some that aren’t mysteries, if that’s not your thing. Check out Rebeca Seitz :) I’m a huge reader, too, and slip in a scrapbook novel about every 5-10 books or so. I don’t want to get bored of them.

      Thank you so much for the helpful blog comments! I’m glad to provide a giggle here and there :D Thank you for being a long-time reader and commenting; it means the world to me. I’m happy to hear the new design is easily readable and useable for you. About the Comment button, I agree. I’m somewhat frustrated that this design places it right below the post title instead of at the bottom of the blog entry as it seems hard to find that way and is unexpected. I’m going to see if I can fix that somehow.

      Thanks again, Gail!

  4. avatar
    Julie B says:

    I have never read a scrapbook novel either…..use to read a lot more (at least 2 books/month) but spending way too much time in my scraproom and having fun working on projects (scrapbook, mixed media, art journal); hate that these hobbies of mine are mutually exclusive. I’m intrigued by the tips and tricks and recipes.

    Love the black on white and it is so easy to read with the large type. An idea for you might be an archive list of your posts by month and/or search feature by subject. I always look forward to seeing something from you in my Inbox.

  5. avatar
    Susan Kopp says:

    I love scrapbook novels and devour them really fast….they are like candy. I like how the redesign is going and honestly the white is a bit jarring…I would like a background to be more like the soft grey of the comment box…it is more soothing to the eyes. I have been reading your blog since you posted its url on a mutually loved hangout spot. I seriously can’t get enough on organization or on techniques. susank12

  6. avatar

    Honestly, I don’t read a lot of blogs. I wouldn’t get anything done. LOL I did subscribe to yours, I want to see what you do with it. The white is just to white for me, and it hurts my eyes. I haven’t read any scrapbooking novels, and would like to give one a try. I think some color is needed here on your blog – the book cover is beautiful.

  7. avatar

    Yours was one of the first blogs I ever read. I came upon it either through 2peas or Ali Edwards in relation to a DD. Did you ever do a DD or comment on AE’s site? If not, it would have to have been through 2peas. I loved your blog, even before I got to know you on the message board. You have a great writing style. I don’t think I could subscribe to your blog originally. (I don’t even think I knew what subscribed meant at the time.) So I would check it and hope for a new article –haha — what I know now as a new post. I have been a reader since 2010 or 2011 when I first started doing DD. You took some time between posts, but I was always excited to see that you posted again & hadn’t stopped blogging.
    Color doesn’t bother me either way. I forget what your old header was like, but I would recognize it.
    My email is noted above. Thx for the chance & keep those posts coming!

  8. avatar
    Alison says:

    I love your font and color scheme choice on the redesign! And the larger font is fabulous to read without having to make my page larger! The white isn’t too hard per say, I can see how at night reading in bed it’d be a big bright. What about a white that has a bit more vanilla to it, so it’s not as stark (which I totally get the clean look you’re going for)?

    While I love your reviews (I think I found you on Two Peas when you reviewed one of the True Scraps and I was looking at individual classes), I feel like the crafty blog world has been lacking some technique posts lately. What about a set of posts on using dies? Or incorporating stamping on your pages? I love how I get updates on new things in the scrappy world from your blog and maybe you could feature some new bloggers/talent in these posts to continue the trend of exposing us to things we aren’t aware of. Whatever you choose, keep it up and thank you for all your hard work!

  9. avatar

    I have never read a scrapbooking novel, but I love books, reading and scrappin’ so I really should! lol
    I like the larger font, but the white is a little bright for me. I have read your blog off and on since the days of two peas! :) I enjoy it very much!

  10. avatar
    Nancy James says:

    I love Laura Childs books. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. avatar

    I recently started reading scrapbook mysteries…In answer to your three questions…I just started reading the books a couple of years ago…As a matter of fact, I believe that it was because of one of your posts that I got “hooked.” LOL…The make over on your blog is an easy read, but I would like to see just a tad more color…I don’t think I personally can ask for more on your blog…You definitely do a vast amount of diversity in your postings…everything is always well said…I’d realllllllllllly love to win this book…Thanks for the chance….

  12. avatar

    I love your website but want to tell you more about how in my spare time, besides reading your blog, I enjoy a multitude of scrapbook murder mysteries I’ve discovered. Laura Childs is the first I read and have all hardback copies (okay most of them) Then I found Kiki Lowenstein by Joann Campbell Slain and the Faith Hunter series by Christina Freeburn AND the Cumberland Creek ladies by Mollie Cox Bryan! Since new publications come out at different times, I can usually be reading something all year long! Love them all but would definitely love to add this one to my Laura Childs collection. Thanks for the opportunity. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. avatar

    I didn’t even know that there were scrapbook novels out there. Even if I don’t win I’m going to have to buy one. Thanks for the chance to win:)

  14. avatar
    Nadine Palmer says:

    I have never read a scrapbooking novel, but I love mysteries, so Laura’s book would address my three addictions – reading, preserving memories while being creative, and enjoying a whodunit!

    And now on to your other questions . . .
    1. I love the redesign of the blog. As other readers have shared, the type size is superb. I don’t mind the white at all. It reminds me of a just painted white picket fence! Pops of color would be nice at times, but the white color to me is very clean and calming.
    2. I just started reading your blog in January of 2014, and off the top of my head, I don’t know where I discovered you! I love all you do, but I especially appreciate your posts about HSN scrapbooking shows. I used to get reminders from HSN but they haven’t been coming through lately. I usually buy a few items but mostly enjoy listening and watching all things scrappy. I tell my husband and daughters it is my time to relax and have fun!
    3. As another reader said, it would be neat to see some tutorials or project sheets on the blog. However, there is a ton of that type of scrapbooking stuff on the web and what you bring to the table is your unique sense of humor and information on so many other aspects of the industry. I would be interested in your recommendations on where we can find cool projects, etc. I am a “mini album junkie” and any new takes on them would be fun to read as well.

    Thanks for asking for our opinions and ideas!

  15. avatar
    Jackie Thompson says:

    Love her books! Need to get this one and a couple of the ones before this! If I get started reading her books I will not do anything else until I finish the book! Thanks for the chance at another great book!

  16. avatar
    Michelle says:

    I’ve never read a scrapbook novel, but I did once attend a crop in FL where Joann Campbell Slan did a little murder mystery play. It was a lot of fun!

    I have lurked on your blog for years, after seeing it on Two Peas. I miss some of the gossip stuff (I think HOFgate is when I first started reading your blog). The stark white is a little too stark, a light cream color might be easier on the eyes. I’ve always loved your organization posts, and would love to see another room organization series….maybe a revival of the old Wookiemouse challenge? :-)

  17. avatar
    Barbara S says:

    I have not yet read a scrapbooking novel, but I love the books by Debbie Macomber that are set in a yarn shop. What I like most about them is seeing the relationships that develop among the vastly differing personalities who sign up for the knitting classes. ;) I’m sure I would enjoy scrapbooking novels and I’m eager to give them a try.
    I’ve been reading your blog for nearly two years. We first connected through Two Peas in a bucket (RIP…*sniff*) and then if I recall correctly, your encouragement was the final push I needed to join Simple Scrapper. Haven’t regretted it!
    I find the web design very readable. I enjoy your style and you always have a way of being very timely and spot-on with your posts. I too would like to see more of your personal completed projects but I definitely understand your reticence. (I myself have never posted anything publicly, and probably never will!)
    THANK YOU for what you do for your readers….I hope these comments we all have left have given you encouragement to keep on doing it! :)

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  19. avatar
    Irene Waltz says:

    I happened upon this contest because I was revisiting my Pinterest boards and this pin led me here!

  20. avatar
    Karen Moore says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Laura Child’s sbing novels! I have started a library of all the novels I can find that talks about our wonderful hobby! Thanks for the chance to win the newest one!

  21. avatar
    Kathy says:

    I LOVE these scrapbook mysteries. Would be a joy to actually own a hardbound one!
    I have read your blog on and off for quite some time (since back in 2Peas days). I find this format very easy to read, but you could soften it up just a bit. LOVE the large type. You do a great job – keep it up!

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