As I told you about HERE, I had a Scrapbook Open House on Saturday. My friend who holds a monthly crop for several friends in her development’s clubhouse was kind enough to let me display all my SIMPLE STORIES merch and invite all my crop buddies and customers to come check it out.

The good news is: There were 6 of us at the crop for most of the day and I got to chat and have fun with my friends. Several customers stopped by and I was able to show them how Simple Stories works, along with some new MEMORY WORKS products I had in stock.

The bad, well okay, decent news: I sold a “moderate” amount of stuff, LOL! It wasn’t gangbusters like I had hoped, but I did sell enough to make me happy I’d done it. I think the best part was that, even for the customers who didn’t buy anything, I was able to show Simple Stories to them and every single customer seemed interested. Maybe it wasn’t in their budget for now, but hopefully it will be in the future.

Thanks for cheering me on. I know you were with me in spirit. I did have a fun day, and made some progress on my Project 365 album. I took my laptop and little Epson printer so I could try to get caught up. For my photos, I chose, edited, and printed them right there at the crop and then scrapped them (with the Simple Stories “Life Documented” kit and WRMK pocket page protectors). I didn’t do any journaling at the crop ‘cuz when I do, I tend to make mistakes. So now I’m only 1 week behind in photos and 2 weeks behind in journaling. Hey, if you knew all the stuff going on in my personal life right now, you’d be impressed, I swear! LOL :)

Overall, a fun and worthwhile day. Hope you had a scrap happy weekend, too.

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    Gloria Martens says:

    Sounds like a fun day even if you didn’t sell as much as you would have liked. The ladies will probably get home and keep thinking about how much they love that. (Like I did!) Then they just will not be able to resist adding it to their inventory. I do love mine!

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    I am so glad your event was successful! AND that you got to work on your stuff. I’ve got my January photos in the album…but I STILL can’t get to my scrappy schoolhouse to add all the journaling and embellishments. At this rate I’ll just be able to do Jan and Feb at the same time.

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    I know that for myself, sometimes I don’t buy “on the spot”….I go home and think about it, and then I pounce! Here’s to hoping you’ll get more sales as the week goes on!

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    Sounded like a fun day! I just sent some photos to shutterfly for my 365 scrapbook!

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    I glad that your day was productive.
    I haven’t even printed any of my photo’s out yet.

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    Glad to hear it went well and you sold some stuff – and even got work of your own done :-D

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    glad you had a great time and was ale to sell a few things!

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