Sometimes in our little online world, you make the coolest friends (whom you’ve never really “met”), and they help you out in the coolest ways. My “friend” Nicole from the HUMOR ME blog (and a fellow CKMB’er and fellow AMR MB’er) hooked me up big time! Gosh, it’s a long story and I’d probably farkle it up anyway but long story short, Nicole gave my e-mail and blog info to the author of not one but TWO new scrapbooking novels. (PS: Nicole is quite the writer and is beginning to rub elbows with Big Time Writers. She’s been published on the Killer Hobbies Blog and was just asked back to write for them again). The author is JOANNA CAMPBELL SLAN who is associated with a fun hobby blog called KILLER HOBBIES. Okay, pause, rewind…first I need to say THIS BOOK IS NOT COMING OUT UNTIL FALL 2008 and will be published by MIDNIGHT INK. Anywaaaayyyyzzz…thanks to Nicole “introducing me” to Joanna, I am one of the lucky bloggers she has chosen to send an advance copy of her book!!! I’m so frickin excited! I don’t get it until September but that’s okay, I can wait. Then I’ll read the book, give you all a review on my blog, and hopefully even have the author herself “come by” around the time the book comes out. Okay, you have to understand, I love to read novels, I love to write, I LUH-HUH-HUV scrapbooking. What better stinkin’ thing could happen to me? Well, I will tell you…NOTHING! Ha!

So there are all kinds of cool things about this book, including that it’s part of a series and Joanna has already written Book #2, to be called “Designed for Death.” The e-mail I just got from Joanna is full of details but I’m not sure how much I can say yet, so I’ll share with you as I can. Maybe I’ll put out little teases all summer, LOL. For now, I’ll share this from Joanna: “…as of today, AMAZON was accepting pre-orders. Signed copies are available through Main Street Books of St. Charles (email” So if you are as excited about this new novel as I am, you can pre-order it now (click HERE. (C’mon, it’s showing on pre-order as only $10.17 plus another 5% off at checkout), or even request a signed copy!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Joanna’s books? Have you read any scrapbooking novels or mysteries before?

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    congrats! how super fun!

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    Great write up……Congratulations… I got the same email and can’t wait to get the books…I’m frickin excited tooo…..Have a great day and take care..


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    Awesome!! I am glad that you are so excited about it.

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    I’m delighted I can share the good news with you and your bloggers! I love the characters I’ve created in my scrapbooking mystery–and I’m sure that many of us will identify with my protagonist.

    By the way, anyone who PRE-ORDERS a copy of PSD through Main Street Books of St. Charles is automatically entered into a drawing to win character naming privileges.

    What’s that? You ask.

    Okay, if you win–and we submit your name once for each book you pre-order up to September 13, the release date–you or someone you designate will become a character in Book #2. That’s right…you can be one of the scrapbookers in Book #2.

    How fun is that?

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    Oh man, how fun!! Murder mysteries are my favorite, this is so cool! I can’t wait til you get your advanced copy and let us know how great it is :)

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    fun stuff…congrats.

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    It sounds great…thanks for letting us know about them!

    My mom gave me “Death by Design” by Laura Childs….it was like Mary Higgins Clark, somewhat….I loved it!

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    Karen Moore says:

    I love finding out about scrapbooking novels, I’ve been collecting them for some time and hearing about new ones just makes my day. Thanks!!!


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