Update to this ORIGINAL POST. Sorry, it’s not very well written below…just kind of stream of consciousness of what I’m doing, what questions come up, and what I’m learning along the way.

Here is the progress I have made so far:

~ Gathered all recently ordered customer products. Sticker on each one with customer’s name. Checked items received off order forms and noted if money due. Boxes into car for delivery to customers (wish I could readily find all of their addresses and phone numbers to call and tell them I’m coming by after work).

Result/Learned: Had about 4 large boxes with customer stuff that is now outta’ here! Wow, that already made a big difference. Unfortunately, something came up after work and I wasn’t able to deliver tonight but, hey, the boxes are outta my scrap area!

~ Gathered all Christmas card related items, finished Christmas letter (yeah, I know it’s late!), decided to forego handmade cards for everyone on my list and send them to scrapper’s only, started entering address/phone/e-mail information into Address Book on my Mac laptop while I watched the finale of the Biggest Loser. Filed from stack of 12×12 papers. Put random Mike’s stamps into stamp drawer. Need to inventory stamps so I don’t double-buy. Need to separate stamps that I’m giving for crop prizes from my own stash, and put them into my prize box. Prize box could go in a closet since I only access it on crop days or to drop new prizes into?

Result/Learned: Not having all of my customer and personal addresses computerized really costs me lots of time, aka time that I could spend on keeping my space organized. Mac Address Book will be wonderful once it’s up and running. I can separate contacts into groups like scrapbookers, crop invitees, customers, friends, family, business, sort them by birthday month for prizes and greeting card lists, etc. For easy Christmas card addressing, Address Book even makes Avery labels! Ain’t technology great? It seems like I “never have time” to get things up and running, but when I do make the time, it’s SO worth it. And doing a boring organizing task is easier if it’s one you can take in front of the TV, LOL. I also learned that it’s okay to let go of self-imposed obligations (like 50 handmade Christmas cards) if it helps me keep my sanity. Do you beat yourself up sometimes like I do over these self-created issues? I mean, the people on my card list didn’t ASK for or expect a handmade card, did they?

~ Got picture frames out of boxes and put into hall closet with other frames. Plan to complete all re-framing AFTER the holidays.

Result/Learned: Things like photo frames shouldn’t come into my scrap area in the first place, and I gained a good chunk of floor space by moving them. I need to change my mindset that, “If I don’t see it, it won’t get done.” Even if I DID forget that re-framing is a project I need to do, I’ll still see the frames whenever I open the linen closet (duh!).

I’m so glad y’all are joining me, giving me tips, and/or just following our progress and cheering us on. There are more from CKMB (some of you posted both places ~ thanks!). Here is THAT THREAD if you want to take a peek. Scrapper-organizers are already making progress ~ wahoo! I’m jealous of Scrapperdays and her new Lisa and Becky Rail System. This isn’t Julie’s actual system, but a picture of one that she posted on HER BLOG.

ch rail system

You can see the Rail System HERE on the Cropper Hopper website (www.lisabecky.com). Here is another picture:
ch rail system2

So, if you haven’t joined our Organization Challenge, please do! Just post below to make it official. Take Before photos so you can see how far you’ve come. If you’re shy, you don’t need to post here ~ but do ORGANIZE! It feels so good and will let you start the new year in a fresh, clean, and productive space…

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    I am so glad you are acknowledging the things you achieve and what you learn. Too often, we all focus on what we haven’t done and don’t keep that Ta Da list alongside our To Do list.

    You have made a great beginning and it looks like some of those mountains have turned back into molehills again. And you have learned that objects don’t need to be visible to be on your action list (I wish my DH would learn that one!) You will get those frames done because you want them done, not because you trip over them everyday!

    Of course you don’t have too much stuff – what was I thinking? You have too little space! I see it more clearly now. And I am not too wide, just too short . So we need to maximise your storage and that usually means – go vertical. Many cluttered homes have busy floors and bare walls. Look up – what do you see? Space for a rack system, board system, shelves or cupboards?

    You will love having all your addresses etc in digital form. I converted to Outlook for mine several years ago and have never regretted it (except when I see a really beautiful address book I have no use for!)It is worthy all the time/effort involved in setting it up and entering the data.

    Christmas cards – I have been pondering them this year. I scaled my list way down to those I am too scared not to send to (Aunts, friends I have no email addy for) and still sent out 28. But I have only recieved 15 in the mail so far. Yet my email message that I sent to hundreds has led to some nice back and forth conversations with friends I haven’t heard from in ages. I have decided to write to those sans email addys to ask for their details and then only do cards for elderly aunts etc next year. It is the communication that is important to me and I should focus on that.

    You are doing a great job and I can’t wait to hear more results!

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    Isn’t it a great feeling to get organized? I hope to get some more photos posted to my blog today. My husband was so impressed with the system that he told me to order more (he’s kind of an organization- nut too). After I get organized, I hope to do a few aesthetic things to my scrap corner.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

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    Phew! I’m totally exhausted after reading that post Erika. Congratulations on such a productive effort. Now you’ve given me the guilts to clean up my scrapping space.

    Hope you and your family have a Great Christmas.

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    Argh!! You are going to shame me into this aren’t you!!! I haven’t been on the boards in a few days so I haven’t seen that thread yet. I may have to join in because I moved my scrap space to the office and still haven’t gotten it all cleaned up yet! I may have to go take “before” pics now. :D

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    Hi Yvette ~ Glad you came back and checked on me. It helps me stay on track, and I want to make my new Organizer friend proud :) I love what you said: “We all focus on what we haven’t done and don’t keep that Ta Da list alongside our To Do list.” So sad but so true. I think guilt over what I ‘should do’ or ‘haven’t done’ bogs me down mentally sometimes, and then I do nothing. That is a great point about using my vertical space more effectively. You’ve given me an idea; will put it in my next post ~ thanks for all your help :)

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    Hi Julie! I checked your blog, and that rail systems rocks! You’re making great progress and putting my efforts to shame. Isn’t it fun to put all your stuff way on something so new and cool??? Keep updating us, okay?

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    Hi Karen ~ Hey, guilt works! But I have a feeling your space is always pretty neat anyway. If your blog is any indication, you’re a very organized and thought out person (am I right??). A very Merry Christmas to you too. {I need to come give your blog some love..}.

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    Hi Erica ~ That’s not good, when you’re so busy doing Christmas stuff that you don’t have time for us :( J/K If you want to be guilted into organizing, I’m your girl! Curious..why did you move your scrap area? I was considering moving mine…don’t think I will just expanding it where it is. More space? Sweet!

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    Well I’m organized in some parts of my life (eg my blog) but not in others (eg my house and my scrapping space), I don’t deal well with anything that I can loosely identify with ‘filing’. So stuff tends to pile up around me like the sides of a canyon.

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    Hi ~Erika~, It’s 10:42pm on Saturday and I’m spending some time going through some of the threads…bumped into this one and now my battery is charging so I can take before pics. in the last 3 months I’ve started getting the ball rolling -but life happens, a few gifts being made, etc. our 28th wedding aniversary is coming up and we will be taking a mini trip (28th through the 31st), so i can’t guarantee full out progress by the the 6th, however, I would like to stay in tune with you guys…thanks for sharing your before pics with us, I do not have a blog, so can’t share pics with you…(I could make an lo and IG it?). I moved my creative space from the living room (123 inches by 93 inches to the bedroom -now 88 inches by aprox.55ish inches), i do have the off the balcany storage area to put things in as well. Happy organized space to you. Royce -CKMB,

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