I didn’t see it, but I guess MARTHA STEWART was on the OPRAH show last week. There was a related coupon at MICHAELS for 50% off her products. {Um, Martha’s products, not Oprah’s, silly! But, hey, who knows? Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of having a scrapbook line lately. Oh, wait, Oprah hates scrapbooking and scrapbookers. So that wouldn’t work, would it? But I digress …}

My friend ABBY was nice enough to clue me in to this cool coupon, and sent me a copy when I was remiss in printing it before it *poof* disappeared. Man, scrappy-shopper friends have your back like no other friends, don’t they?

I used mine to finally get the MS LARGE CIRCLE CUTTER that I’ve been eyeing for a while, but didn’t want to pay 25 snaps for.

I don’t know what the frick is up with those 3 little dangly earrings. What? They want you to dress up to use the thing? Sheesh, Martha! We’ve always known you to be a demanding little priss, but this is a bit much! SRSLY

I was going to use my Labor Day 50% off coupon on one of these, but then horror of horrors, I never got to Mike’s that week. I can’t BELIEVE I let a 50% off coupon go to waste, LOL! Yep, put me in scrap shopper jail because I committed a big crime.

Michaels also had Buy One, Get One Half Off their stickers so I got 2 packs of Recollections bling flourishes ~ purple and clear ~ so pretty. I’m going to add the purple flourishes to my Wicked layout to pump up the volume (DANCE! DANCE!) (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).


HERE is what the Peas got with their coupons. Looks like popular items were the fringe scissors, scoring board, large circle cutter, and around the page punches.

What did you spend your recent “50% off all that is Martha” coupon on?

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    Karen R says:

    I didn’t see that Oprah or get the coupon, but I did hear about it. I didn’t know Oprah didn’t like scrapbooking or scrapbookers, what’s up with that?! Anyway, good for you on your score. I’m not a big Martha fan myself, but I have to admit that her scrapbook stuff is good. (Insert grumble here.) So the only time I’ll give my money over to her is when it’s on sale. Ha!

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    I had to laught at you video thrown in there. I may do that on mine ;)

    Operah doesn’t like scrappers? Whats up with that, I knew she was a racist, LOL.
    Hope you enjoy your new purchase.

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    Glad you finally got your circle cutter. I’ve picked it up a few times, but always end up putting it down (and feeding my punch addiction instead). I guess my circles won’t be as pretty as yours, since I’ll still be using a dinner plate and some ratty old scissors. hehehehe…but I’ll have pretty punched butterflies to distract from the plate circle. ;)

    Ps….I thought I’d gone to the wrong bloggy when I opened the page. :) Love the experimentation!

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    Wow, you have a totally different look here on your blog. I like it. I forgot to use my coupon. 30 lashes with nubby ribbon for me!! LOL! I saw Martha use that on TV and it looked pretty slick.

  5. […] are the bling stickers from Michaels I mentioned in a PAST POST. Purdy, huh? You get 2 layers […]

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