I’ve heard that the new issue of SCRAPBOOKS ETC. was out and, since I don’t subscribe because I’m impatient, I’ve been looking for it in whatever store I happen to be in…Barnes & Noble, Target, my craft store, etc. No go, couldn’t find it. Tonight on the way home from work, I had to grocery shop and even checked the magazine section at Vons with no luck. So I’m in the checkout line perusing the Us and People and Star…and laaaaaaa…there it is! Like a beacon among the darkness….the latest issue of Scrapbooks Etc. So I was happy. Nuff said.

Now to kinda change gears….

Prediction: At least one of the major scrapbooking magazines will either cease publication or reduce their number of issues produced within the next 6 months. Refer back to see if I told ya so…

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    will you pm me?…..

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    randomscraps says:

    I fear you may be right. Sigh. Oh well, I buy them. And I tagged you on my blog!


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    Scrapbooks Etc. is still one of my faves. They don’t forget the “everyday scrapper”.

    I’m loving Scrapbook & Cards Today more and more. Its downloadable, or you can pick up a complimentary copy from one of the retailers listed in their directory.

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    I agree with you! I do subscribe to SB Etc but won’t be continuing it in the new year…some friends and I will just be swapping them. Saves us all money that way.

    what’s your take on the Making Memories Slice? blog about it? leave your thoughts on my blog? hehe.

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