LYNN GAHARY from PEBBLES INC posted a fun THREAD over at Two Peas asking for our Scrapbook Confessions. You know, those things related to scrapbooking that you’re ever-so-embarrassed to admit.

* From Designer Vinyl on Etsy

Well, as of now the thread is at 2 pages so I think we’re a guilty bunch who wants to ease our burdens a bit, LOL! I only posted one confession myself but I could relate with many … many of them. How about you?

* From Weekly Scrapper by Scrapbook Expo

Also, you gotta’ check out THIS from Angela Daniels’ blog. I’ll bet you see yourself in some of those sneaky postcards too, eh? I know I do.

Sooooo … what are YOUR scrapbook confessions? Come on. I promise I won’t tell.

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    LOL I replied to that thread as well. I didn’t share the confession that I buy small stuff that I know my honey will never notice as new stuff and I sneak it into the house! Shhhhh don’t tell anyone!!!

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