Aren’t these adorable?????

Chipboard letters at Walmart Kurio brand

Thanks to Chris/Chrispea over at CKMB for sharing her great find! HERE is the thread. She says the brand name is Kurio and they only cost $3.88. Sweet deal.

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    Those are too cute. I also love that ribbon colander below…adorable! I need some ribbon storage…I can hardly see what I have.

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    Wow! Those are way cute! I had no idea that Walmart carried useful scrapbooking things! YAY! I gotta go shopping!

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    These are great…and so is your blog! Love it! Going to be back when I have some time to really take it all in!

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    Hi Liz ~ Thanks so much. I love your blog too. You’re extremely talented and inspiring. I love how you set it up to click on the layout and see the materials list – nice! Come back soon for another visit :)

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    Hi iamderby ~ Yeah, who woulda thought to use a colander. Scrappers are so creative. Hope you find a good way to store your ribbons!

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    Hi Stefanie ~ Hey, I’m always here to enable. Have fun shopping!

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    Walmart has started carrying some really cute kits as well. I’m glad they are getting on board with the latest things.

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