I found this via Creating Keepsakes Editorial on TWITTER (@CKeditorial). They linked to THIS article on Nate Berkus’ WEBSITE about how to make a “memory book,” or what we Scrapbook Obsessed would call a “scrapbook.” ;)

I have to say, when I go to read something about scrapbooking by a non-scrapbooker, I prepare myself to cringe. On time, there was an article similar to this memory book one in our local paper. They talked about things like using newspaper clippings, paper trimmings, and other random craft supplies on your pages with no mention of Archival Mist, acid-free, or the like. ACK! Scrapper Alert! Must. Say. Something.

Yes, I was so “upset” about it that I wrote a letter to the editor explaining the oh-so-propuh way to scrapbook items like that so that they don’t yellow with age, infect your pages/photos with acid, etc. Yeah, I’m a scrap geek like that. And proud of it! LOL

Anyway, I was fully prepared to cringe at an interior designer’s take on scrapbooking, much as I’ve been shocked at some of the things MARTHA STEWART has suggested in the scrapbook segments on her show. I’m glad to report there was no need to worry … Nate “Cutie Pie” Berkus got it right, as far as I can see.

He talks about scanning your photos and items (although I missed any mention of scanning them onto acid free paper or acid-free in general, right?), and recommends a binder ring over a spiral bound scrapbook, which I also agree with … and he (or whoever wrote the article) articulates the reasons very well. I’m a postbound/SNAPLOAD scrapper for the most part, so I’m not sure why those weren’t mentioned but, hey, it was a concise article with the major points covered, not a doctoral presentation on the matter, so that’s forgiven.

Anyhoo, it was nice as always to see any mention of scrapbooking in the wider media and to have Cutie Pie Berkus – who is one hot tamale right now, if you didn’t know – is a special bonus. Great job, Nate!

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    I also like to use postbound albums because you can easily expand them. One thing I did, though, that I should not have, was completely disassemble one because I have yet to figure out how to put it back together. If you could write up a piece on how to put one together (or back together) that would be great! I keep trying. Why did I take it apart? I was trying to scan images into the computer one section at at a time. Now, I just use my digital camera to do that. A ring binder does sound easier to keep in regard to taking it apart and putting it back together. I have seen some by Pioneer? I think it’s called. I do believe in using protector sheets to protect your work of art, which is what scrapbooking is, regardless of the terminology. Sometimes I think when people use the terms “memory book”, either they are targeting users who used that keyword (keyword research) or maybe they are concerned with the connotations (as apposed to definitions) associated with scrapbooking. In either case, scrapbooking has come a long way. My own site has a lengthy section on archival scrapbooking for any who are interested.

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    Nate is great, isn’t he? I try to catch his show when I can, and love seeing his ideas!

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