Just a quick apology. I said I’d have some site improvements and new things going on by October 1 or soon thereafter … but still no go :(

It’s a big combination of reasons but let’s consolidate it to two: busy life and can’t find a new theme that I like :P I’ve spent countless hours looking but I can’t find the perfect fit. And I can’t afford right now to pay for a Premium theme or a blog designer (sigh…). And you know me and the computer ain’t the greatest of friends so it takes me 10 times longer than the average bear to do anything, lol.

Did you notice I got my own domain name? {^^^ look in your browser ^^^}. I used to be scrapbookobsession.wordpress.com … now I’m scrapbookobsessionblog.com. So there’s some progress at least … My mind is spinning throughout the day with all the ideas I have … just wish I had the time to sit down and implement them all.

Anyway, just wanted to say “hey” and let you know … I’m still here and working on it! Hope your life is scrappy ~n~ happy :)

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    janet says:

    don’t worry about it. I am still here enjoying your posts and your blog. Smiles! Janet

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    I love the new look!

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