Please bear with me…I know the posts have been lagging lately. I’ve finally been in the mood to write again, but now work is slammin’…a mixed blessing :) While you patiently wait for me to get my act together, please enjoy the NEW BASIC GREY {click on Products; in the drop down, click on everything that says *New*}. I have to say I’m loving all of it. Not as much as I did in the days of Lucky and Baby Boy and Lollipop Shoppe, etc. But, yes, loving BG again. Like any long-term relationship, you love them, you hate them, you love them, you go lukewarm…You love them again. Like I said in THIS POST on AMR, I have to put Basic Grey on my Hot Tamale Train!! Whoo hoo!

What do you think…are you in a love or hate mode with BG with this new release?

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    I like that urban prairie, very cute!!!

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    Oh I love them…although I didn’t like scarlet, boxer is a bit masculine for my liking…there were a few other recent ones that left me thinking “ehhh it’s okaaay…” but I am really excited about a couple of the new releases. It’s certainly back and forth with me.

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    I have always had a love affair with BG, there is rarely a line I don’t like, I want all the new lines! I love, LOVE BG, it is my fave.

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