I’ve posted links to border punch tutorials in the past and know how much we all love them, so here’s another one. Check it out HERE. Thanks to ABBY aka ScrapbookFrenzy for pointing this out! It’s from the Studio Calico BLOG, which has lots of other yumminess. I confess to owning 2 of the punches she uses (Threading Water aka eyelet punch, and Leave it to Weaver, with the ribbon slots). Now, of course, I’ll be getting the 3rd one with the waves … if I can find it with a coupon.

I love the idea of threading ribbon through the THREADING WATER punch. That punch is so versatile. You can also put brads in the eyelet holes, or STICKLES, or SKITTLES.

When I saw the card she added the border to…

…I started to feel like there was an online conspiracy against me. I want that new line from Cosmo Cricket called EARLY BIRD soooo bad, and I keep seeing projects all over the place where it’s used but I don’t have mine….yet! I will be ordering it from MEMORY WORKS, like, pronto. I can’t take it anymore.

These border punches by EK Success and Fiskars are so popular. HERE is a thread on 2peas asking, “How many border punches do you have?” I was glad to see I’m not alone in having quite a few.

Confession time: I have …… um, let’s see …… 3 Martha Stewart ……. plus 2 Fiskars ……. plus 2 EK Success ……. equals 7! That’s not TOOO embarrasing, is it? What’s embarrassing is how many more of them I want.

You’re turn to ‘fess up…How many border punches do YOU have?

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    I only have 2. But that also has to do with the fact that there are no coupons or stores like M’s etc over here in Switzerland. I am actually too embaressed to say how much i spent on my two border punches cause i wanted them so much. I have the scallop and the threading water.

    I dream of the others that i want too .

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    Let me count real quick..I dont’ even know.

    I have 28 Fiskars Border Punches (I demo for Fiskars) and 2 EK Sucess (sssshhhh, don’t tell anyone! LOL)

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    I have 9 border punches that I can think of off the top of my head. There are probably more, those are just the ones I use the most and can remember from here. 2 EK Success and 7 Fiskars. Wish I had more!!

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    I have about 12 border punches & they are well used.

    2 EK (new fold down ones)
    3 EK Martha Stewart
    1 Stampin Up (love their small scallop)
    6 Fiskars

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    KarenSue says:

    only 3!
    one fiskers with a fleur de lis
    one Stampin Up with a scallop
    one Disney Princess items border

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    I’ve got 2 Martha, 3 Fiskars and 3 EK Success. And, I’ve got a wish list of a few more I’d like to get my hands on. :D

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