Okay, time for some scrappy randomness!

~ You know how for the last many months on my blog, I’ve been torturing you with lame photos I’ve taken with my iPhone because my camera bit the big one? Well, I’m happy to report that I FINALLY got a new camera! It’s nothing super fancy, but it takes WAY better photos than my phone, LOL.

Here is the lovely I got:

It’s a Kodak Easyshare Z915 and the feature I love the most if the 10x zoom! It’s basically the updated version of the camera I used to have, the Kodak Easyshare DX6490, which I luh-huh-huved. My new camera retails for $200 but I found it at WALMART.COM for $121 and a few dollars shipping.

Happy happy joy joy!

~ NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY is coming up: Saturday, May 1st! I’m going to have something going on here at the Scrapbook Obsession blog that day, including a contest and a game, with PRIZES! I hope you’ll put that on your calendar and stop by on May 1st, or soon after :)

~ I was contacted recently by someone with a cool scrapbook-related product. They’re supposed to send me several free items to give away to you, my lovely readers. I don’t want to say too much until the package arrives, but consider yourself teased!

~ Word on the street is that MICHAELS will soon be resetting their scrapbook aisles and the reset will include OCTOBER AFTERNOON and SASSAFRASS! A rumor could be just a rumor, but it would make sense given all the things they had on clearance lately, the empty racks, and the fact that products from CHA-Winter 2010 are hitting the market as we speak. I hope Mike’s really does get the October Afternoon. Without an LSS, I don’t have anywhere locally to get any and I love their new lines (samples below), THE THRIFT SHOP and FLY A KITE, respectively:

~ Speaking of new products hitting the market, I haven’t given you an update of what MEMORY WORKS has new in stock … but I will soon. However, I do want to point out right now – since so many people are looking for these – is that we do have a bunch of the CHIP ART TOOLS AND METAL STAMPS by GCD and MELODY ROSS!!! Here’s a peek at just one of the many items we carry:

I saw these demo’d recently and think this will be the new “frenzy” item, aka the hot thing that everyone wants. Check out the GCD BLOG to see some projects the Chip Art products have been used on. I would love to help you get these GCD items! My website is HERE. Directions on how to place an order and how to contact me with questions are HERE.

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  1. avatar

    Yay for a new camera!
    Love the rumor about M’s having OA- that would ROCK!

  2. avatar

    Nice camera.
    Thanks for the update. The Michaels here has nothing on clearance, they never do.

  3. avatar

    Congrats on the new camera…looks like a good one. I hope those Mike’s rumors are true!

  4. avatar
    Jennifer Gilbert says:

    I was at a brand new Michael’s this weekend and saw 2 whole end racks of Sassafrass! I haven’t spotted the October Afternoon but can’t wait to find it. It’s one of my favorite companies. :)

  5. avatar

    hey you…thanks for leaving a comment on the message board. Life has been crazy and finding time to scrap is even crazier. Things should be settling down (I hope soon). Being a grandma takes up some of my time, but Im not complaining. glad to see you are doing well. Come back to my blog and see me again when you can. Hugs.

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    Eriika- Cool report! Can’t wait to see what cool stuff you’re gonna review / giveaway! – Susan

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    abby says:

    congrats on the new camera! can’t wait to see some pics with it. super excited about the possibility of OA at mike’s! i love it and can’t really get it around here. i wanna see that melody ross stuff in person!

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    Angela says:

    While it was nice to read, I have now learned that ‘select’ Michael’s stores will carry Sassafras, OA, and the Melody Ross Chip Art tools. The Michael’s Corporate office has decided to limit the number of stores that carry some select lines for now. I called a regional office and talked with a buyer there and she told me that they often do this to see how much of a demand there is for certain products before they release it nationwide. Just like they did with the ATG gun. The Michael’s stores in less populated areas didn’t start carrying them until the first week of December 2010, when in other, more populated markets, they were on the shelves in April of 2010. Let’s hope that there is enough demand for those of us that live in rural areas can take advantage of these offerings.

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