Here’s an image provided by an awesome Pea, ALISON:

Usually it seems that brand name paper pads that show up at Mike’s are rebranded as “Recollections.” But not this time! It actually has the brand name shown. There is also VELLUM included in this paper pad.

I haven’t seen it myself but I believe it’s the same as (or similar to) THIS paper pad on the Crate Paper site, where I can’t find the vellum that’s supposed to be in this pad. {HERE is the entire Maggie Holmes line}.

Sightings have been at different spots around the store: bottom shelf with the paper pads, end cap with some Thickers, in a paper display near the flowers, etc. So if you REALLY want this, make sure you look high and low for it!

Need inspiration to use up this line? CHECK IT OUT. Now grab your coupon and get over there!

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    Yummy new products. It’s funny but I find that not all Michaels carry the same product. The one by me has 0 copics but I visited another store where I used to live and they have a ton..go figure. TFS

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    This is gorgeous! I totally don’t need this but I want it hehe! tfs

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    I have been checking my local stores and haven’t run across this yet! It is quite pretty and makes my paper-loving heart beat faster. Thanks for the heads-up!

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    Thanks for sharing:)

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    Melanie says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I went to Michael’s on my lunch break and got 2 of the Maggie Holmes pads, which I’ve been wanting!

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    I already have a lot of the papers from this collection but it might be worth picking up a pad for just the vellum! Thanks for enabling. Now I have to go search Mike’s!

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