I was up until 1am getting ready for the event this weekend. Because I don’t have any Memory Works stock yet, I had gathered some other items I could have for sale – a few albums, adhesive, paper packs, embellishments, etc. I got everything inventoried, priced, and put in cute little baskets. I had about 1/2 of the car packed for the trip (my family was going with me). Then the phone rang at 10 this morning. It was my friend J, the hostess for the scrapbooking weekend tonight and tomorrow. One of her children is sick with the flu so we had to reschedule :( Wouldn’t you know it?! But better everyone be healthy so we don’t spread even more of this flu around. I think everyone I know has been sick several times this season.

Well, the good news was that Memory Works ordering is easy and shipping is fast! I placed my first order this Tuesday and had it shipped to J (she lives in another city) in the hopes it would arrive in time for this weekend. And it did – she got it yesterday. She said everything was beautiful and she was very happy with what she ordered. Now it will be ready for next time. The new catalog comes out soon and they have been putting up new items on the website called “Sneak Peeks”. So far, they have the new Basic Grey and Fancy Pants – yum!

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    Bummer about your weekend being postponed but at least you’ll be more ready when you do do it.

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    Hey I just realized the new alphabet letters I bought are Basic Grey -Pheobe. That Basic Grey is really pretty.

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    That’s a real shame about the postponement. But it’s great that you managed to find a positive spin to it. That’s a skill that will stand you in good stead in your new career.

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    Beth says:

    Hi. I have been doing some research and wanted to chat with some of you. For the past five years, I’ve wanted to scrapbook, but for one reason or another, I never started. Well NOW is the time. I have to have it all and do it all TODAY! lol I walk around the craft stores almost every day looking at all of the wonderful (and confusing) scrapbooking items for sale. I’ve been buying things little by little but haven’t actually haven’t put anything to use yet. I would LOVE to be involved with an organization in hopes of making some extra money involving this new passion of mine. I do have some concerns though. Last year I got involved with Tastefully Simple. I really love their products, but had a problem finding people interested in buying. And of course, you had requirements to meet which I was unable to fulfill. I was sosrry it didn’t work out. With scrapbooking, I am concerned because I am 53 years old and I feel that younger people would be more likely to want to host parties and purchase products. Most people my age aren’t having babies nor getting married. I live in a complex where most of the people are retired. Right now I am unemployed (seeking employment) and guess I will be able to make contacts once I get settled. Even though I am just a “beginner”, I know this is something I will LOVE and want to stick with. My husband can’t figure out how I can sit on the computer for hours at a time looking at paper!! I don’t even realize how long I’ve been online. lol I look at study everything. Anyway, any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I am listing my e-mail address here so I may be contacted directly. Thank you and have a great day!! Beth (Florida)

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    Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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