michaels coupon

GOOD FOR 5 DAYS ONLY! July 1 – 5, 2012 so get thee to a Michaels!

If you’re not signed up to receive coupon e-mail from MICHAELS.COM, get on it HERE silly!

What are you going to (or did you already) spend that 50 percent-er on? I’m thinking about getting another SMASH BOOK. I want to document our summer in one, maybe the yellow one:

yellow smash book

yellow smash book inside

Your turn! Whatcha’ gettin’, hmmmm????

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    No Michaels here in England, but I do really want a smash book, so that would probably be what I’d buy too!

    Have you seen my blog event this weekend? Lots of scrapbooky giveaways! It starts here: https://jennifersjumbles.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/welcome-and-grand-giveaway.html

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    Thanks for the coupons.Was looking out for michaels coupons for the month of july.Printed the coupons and will go @michaels to buy my favorite home decor products.

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