You can see the entire line HERE on their blog. So please go take a peek-y and come back so we can discuss :)


Okay, so here are my thoughts:

– This is not your usual Basic Grey line of late . . . and I LIKE it!

– I love watercolor and ombre’ anything so I’m IN, Baby! {HERE is my “Ombre & Watercolor” Pinterest board}

– I like at least 1 side of each of the papers; the embellishments not as much.

– I’m not a flowery foo-foo girl so it’s a bit of flower overkill for me personally. BUT I like the rain, sun, big dots, kites, birds, bicycles, etc.

– The blackboard embellishments seem REALLY out of place with this light, bright line. Maybe when I see them used on layouts they’ll grow on me.

I had to copy the papers here so I could ask – is it just me or do the colors below look totally different than the ones at the top of this entry?

Two favorites are the wood veneers and the navy watercolor paper:

So overall not a huge hit for me but a pretty line nonetheless with some elements that I really like.

***Ships in December 2013***

What are your thoughts on the Basic Grey “Fresh Cut” line?

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    FINALLY!! Flowers…man I have missed those. This is one line I am going to buy every single piece…embellishments and all and hopefully BG will get the hint to put flowers back in the line up.

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    ConnieC says:

    I haven’t bought much BG in a few years. I have a couple sheets of paper from recent lines. I really like this line and will probably get a lot of it. i know i need a few sheets of that Navy watercolor. i love that backgrond. But it does look like a lot of what other companies are putting out.

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