Word on the street is….which is to say the unsubstantiated rumor is….that Target got a special Christmas line of their own. Instead of carrying Making Memories “MISTLETOE” like everyone else…

They got their own line called “Tinsel.” Of course, I can’t find it officially online anywhere. These were the only tidbits out there so far….Ebay listings by an entrepreneurial scrap chickie, LOL!



Here’s a YouTube “haul” VIDEO showing MM “Tinsel” felt stickers and 8×8 paper pack. I love the ornament shaped papers.

Gotta’ say I’m not a huge fan of the Mistletoe line, but I like what I see so far of Tinsel; it seems more my style. I can’t wait to see it in person. The colors look happy and fun.

Have you seen Tinsel at your Target yet? And didja get any? Oh, do tell!

Edited to add 11/25/09:


A sweet lady named Crystal contacted me via 2peas and e-mailed a picture of all the Tinsel goodies! Thank you so much, Crystal!!!

Yep, me still likey a lot….

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    I saw it at my Target, but didn’t get any. I LOVE the mistletoe line and didn’t like the tinsel as much. I didn’t really look that long at it. I think the vintage/worn look of mistleoe draws me the most though. Thanks for all the links!

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    I am going to Target tomorrow to pick up some of the Hello Kitty stuff…I will check it out!

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    Frankie says:

    Well now I HAVE to go to Target today . . . thanks. LOL!! I’m not a fan of the Mistletoe line either, but Tinsel looks very promising. I’m pretty darned sure I need some!

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    Gloria says:

    If I make it as far as the Target this morning I will see if they have it here. Was in Target yesterday, but, HORRORS!!! didn’t even take a peek in the sb aisle. What is my world coming to???

    Looks pretty good in the pics.

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    I’m going tomorrow…I’ll certianly let you know if I bring any home.

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    Meghan says:

    Well this FORCED me to go at lunch :) And… I was also forced to purchaes some! I really like the felt stickers the best. They have stitching and buttons on each sticker. TOO CUTE!

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    The Tinsel line looks super cute! Has a nice clean and fun look to it. Who knows, maybe some will still be left after Christmas when they go on clearance… I LOVE Target clearance!

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    Karen Letchworth says:

    I found the Tinsel line at Taret on clearance after Christmas. If anyone has any cute projects they’ve done with it, I would LOVE to be inspired. Please let me know. Thanks so much, Karenb

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