Read all about it HERE.

Here is where they are talking about it on 2PEAS and AMR

I notice that is says, “Exclusively at your local independent store.” I guess that means they won’t carry it @ Michaels, like they do the green one? I don’t know. Either way, I won’t be buying one but I thought you PINK LUVAHS would want to know, LOL! I finally came to peace with the fact that the Baby Bug (Cricut) is enough and I should be grateful I have it :)

Will you be shopping for a pretty pink Slice?

PS: It’s prolly too late now since this is tomorrow (!), but I just remembered this from my Michaels e-mail…

FREE Making Memories®
SliceTM Machine Demo
Saturday, July 18, 1pm–3pm

Watch the SliceTM die cutting machine in action. This cordless, portable cutter creates hundreds of shapes with Making Memories® exclusive design cards.

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    KarenSue says:

    I love the pink, but just got mine…so won’t be getting it..
    unless I can talk my sis into buying a pink one, and then switch to my aqua one…hmmmmmmm

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    Okay I’ve been on the fence about the slice…. this pink one sure is cute though!

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    i have a cricut so i ahvent gotten either one (DUCKING) I KNOW I KNOW. I might just try it and see what I think. the pink one is mighttttyy cuteeeee.

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    I love the color, but don´t know how really usefull could be, a good friend of mine has hers and looks really nice.

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    dreaminginscraps says:

    I’m a sucker for pink, but don’t think I’ll be splurging for a Slice. I’m happy with my Baby Bug and my Revolution these days.

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    It’s August 1st and I want the pink slice. Don’t know who will be selling the Pink Slice when I download their list off Making Memories website it’s garbbled.

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    Dianne Jackson says:

    I am so disapointed with this machine. It will only cut paper and not thin card (160 gram ) and you cannot cut between the shapes as it just screws the paper up so you get lots of waste. You have to have the paper the same size of the machine just to cut a tiny shape. Also the sticky stuff you have to put on the glass mat means all the tiny pieces just stick to the mat and it is a right fath getting them all of. I am sending mine back, it is not worth the money at all in my opinion

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    por favor necesito saber el precio de la maquina completa para scrapbook, para encargar a un familiar que vive en EEUU que me la compre. URGENTE.

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