I don’t know how well this will go over, but we’re having a neighborhood rummage sale this weekend and I’m going to try and sell some scrappy stuff. Just tools I bought and never used, paper and embellies I don’t need, and all that non-Bazzill cardstock LOL! {I’ve told you I’m a Bazzill Snob now, right?}.

I’m going to sell other items too, so I’m roaming the entire house and cleaning out closets – clothes, toys, books, home deco, that kind of stuff. Out of one bedroom alone, I got 1 garbage sack of clothes to toss and 3 sacks of clothes to try and sell. No big items to sell except we have a set of French doors we bought and never installed (then we got a new slider to match the other new slider, and well, you know…). Um, we’re just going to print out a flyer and take it to the rummage sale…I ain’t lugging those thangs all the way there, LOL!

If I have time, I’d like to batch up my scrapbook stuff into larger ‘kits’ or ‘lots,’ price it really well, and just get rid of it all. Whatever of the household stuff/clothing that doesn’t sell, I will load it back into the car and take it straight to AmVets for donation. But the scrappy stuff, I just can’t do that, LOL. Will have to find a way to work it back into my stash (NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!), or find a worthy local cause to donate it to.

Have you ever tried to sell scrapbook stuff at a regular ol’ rummage sale? How’d it go?

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    scrappysuzz says:

    If you are going to donate scrapping supplies, you may want to check out SENDLOVETODAY.ORG. They send cards to brain cancer patients. I heard that you could send them your raw materials, but didn’t see that option available when I checked them out. Just where they accept the handmade cards. However, there are phone numbers where you can contact the people who run the organization. Good luck with your sale!!!

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    Junglewife says:

    I haven’t ever sold scrapbook stuff at a rumage sale myself, but if you are advertising your sale, be sure you advertise that you are selling scrapping stuff!!! There was a garage sale near us a couple summers ago that was exclusively scrapping stuff, and let me tell you, that place was picked CLEAN just an hour after it started!

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    I had alot of success with sb stuff at my garage sale and when i listed in the paper I was having a garage sale I put scrap booking items as one of the things and ya i sold the heck out of it.
    so anyway, I would go for it!!

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    I’m in a scrapbooking organization that has 2 sales per year: just scrapbooking stuff! It is always busy and sellers do very well! (a couple weeks ago, I came home with less than half my stuff, and some cash to splurge on new!)

    I agree, advertise that you’ll have products there….let your scrappy friends know, let them let their friends know…and you’ll be busy!

    i agree too: sell that non-bazzill! I’m a bazzill snob too! hehe!

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