So I’m checking my blog this lazy Saturday morning, reading some nice comments left by my bud Dettao from CKMB, then click over to check my blog stats because, as I’ve said, I like to see which topics get you reading and commenting. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but a huge stat count for today, though it’s only morning here, and tons of clicks on the entry KRISTINA CONTES SPEAKS (MAYBE SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE?). Hmmm….bizarre…wrote that one way back in October ’07…still gets clicks almost every day…but over 300 on a Saturday morning?? Is WordPress messing with me…did my stat counter break…is someone’s enter key stuck and it clicked that article 299 times??

So I go check out CKMB ~ because that’s the best place to find out about ANYTHING that’s going on in scrapping, and I’m talking up-to-the-minute stuff ~ and of course, lovely BRIGHTSY (check out the thread just to see her siggie line; it’s my favorite ever) solved the mystery for me. As explained in this CKMB THREAD, there was an article in LA TIMES dated today, called A SCRAPBOOK CAREER IN SHREDS. OK, mystery solved…looks like it’s actually NOT over, and we’re going to start talking about KRISTINA CONTES…again. And I apologize if you’re one of the many who says, “Jeez, we’re tired of the whole CK Hall of Fame and Kristina Contes issue.” But if 300 scrapbookers on a slow Saturday morning want to know more about Kristina, I’m gonna’ write about it, provide some background, and invite all comments. Because for whatever reason, people wanna talk about it.

For those who might be new to the issue ~ grab a cup of coffee, get on your comfy sweats, and read THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS. Then come back here and read ~ the LA TIMES ARTICLE. Ok, we’re all caught up now, we’re on the same page, now let’s discuss…

First of all, Big Snaps to Kristina for getting scrapbooking in the LA Times! I’m always mystified about how we’re still this underground thing, this little enclave restricted to 5 magazines, the internet, and the occasional online article. Why are we given just scraps (forgive the expression) of a mention on television, mainstream magazines, etc.? Gadzooks, there’s now a scrapbooker in 1 of every 3 households! Throw us a bone, people!

As for the LA Times article itself, I’m with Kelli on CKMB…I’m very suspicious about why it’s been written about 3 months after the fact? And why both the Newsweek and LA Times articles are clearly from the Kristina slant, with quotes from Ms. Contes herself? I mean, she’s clearly generating this, right? And even if she’s not seeking them out, she could surely say “no thanks” when they ask to interview her. If I were tired of being scrutinized, tired of being called horrible names from fat, old lady, out of touch, “snowflake stencil”-using scrapbookers, I would just let it lie and go on with my life. Is it just me or she kinda contradicting herself?

And when you say things like: “They’re from the Stepford wife kind of mind-set…You’re doing something different, you must be evil,” you’re going to majorly upset some people, KC. I don’t think I’ve ever once criticized her scrapbooking; in fact, I’ve complimented her talent as have many others. I have always enjoyed her style, visited her blog well before this ‘scandal’ started, and admired her photography and art talents. It’s not my style of scrapbooking, but she has a definite uniqueness that I APPRECIATE, not criticize. Just for the record, my only criticism has ever been that CHEATING IS WRONG. The end. Whether you intended to, were in too much of a hurry to check the rules, or someone else (like a major scrapbook magazine) helped you break the rules, you still broke the rules. You should pack up your Legos and go home. And apologize before you leave. By all means, we forgive you and keep playin Legos with us, but don’t THROW the legos at us (Ouch, Kristina, that hurts! Play nice, like your momma taught you). But it seems to me you don’t have articles written in a national newspaper 3 months after the fact and then complain that no one will leave you alone. Or criticize people and expect them not to lash back.

Okay, I have to go clean the house now before DH gets home. Oh, and I’m going to do some scrapbooking with my “teddy bear stamps,” “foam stickers and glossy glitter glue.” And some Martha Stewart 18×18 paper. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this article in the future (wink).

So this drama has been going on since October 2007. Why are we so fascinated? Tell us what you think…c’mon, I Effer Dare ya…

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    I CANNOT believe that article and how they portrayed sb’ers. Well, all sb’ers other than KC and her effers or whatever they are called.
    I mean, I am in no way fascinated by the HOF scandal, but this one is about as insulting as the Martha Stewart “doudy” article.

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    Hi Nicole ~ Just left some love on your blog :) I totally agree & am so tired of being categorized as this one lump of old fashioned, boring, photo pasters.

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    WOW how did I ever get so lucky!! I must have the only incredible, wonderful, talented, kind hearted scrapbookers on my message board. I had no idea the rest were so evil. I feel like I have a home filled with great friends on the MB. So how can it be that so many scrapbookers are so wicked? PLEASE!!!!! This is so sad it does not end!! I invite anyone to come look in our gallery at AMR and see that these women are really amazing artist, crafters and scrapbookers!! With all the downloads they have been putting in the gallery they must not be to big of lumps!!! Gee wiz!! I guess I will count my lucky stars I did not get all the lumpy old fashioned grumpy women.

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    Lina Schexnayder says:

    Nice to see that you “dare” people to comment, then delete comments which don’t agree with you.

    As I said, posting such drivel to perpetuate the hatred in the scrapbooking community is disgusting.

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    KC’s 15 minutes of fame gets extended by another minute every time someone brings her name up again.

    The “Everyday Scrapbooker” is blissfully unaware of the drama and drivel surrounding professional and competitive scrapbooking.

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    Lina ~ You’re right in the sense that I invited people to comment, but I didn’t – nor do I ever – invite rudeness into my own blog. This is a Happy Place where we have fun! I have the right to delete things that are going to cause derision among the people who REGULARLY read my blog, not those who drop in just to leave 2 unsubstantiated, impolite comments. I’ll leave it this time for awhile and see how it goes.

    NOW…can you please elaborate on what I said that was “drivel,” because I linked to articles of what other people said, and I gave my opinion on it, which I have a right to do on my own blog, yes? If what I wrote makes the reader “hate” anyone, they are misreading my words. I’ve only said that I believe she should have been disqualified, and shared what her behavior has been so others can judge her for themselves. If you don’t agree, please say so, but do it with class. By the way, did you know that KC deleted tons of comments from her blog when they expressed disagreement with what she did? Was that okay? Hope to hear from you again!

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    HI Sandra ~ You’re right on both counts. Sometimes I wish I was “blissfully unaware” of all this, LOL! It has saddened me to no end and brought out the worst in people, unfortunately.

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    That article doesn’t seem to go anywhere… where’s the analysis – or the “other” side of the story for starters? Why bother actually giving that kind of one-sided article space at all? I’m beginning to think all those graduating journalist students actually don’t know how to do their job.

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    Like everything – there are always a few squeaky wheels that get the attention and we all know how the media loves to jump on the negative side of things.

    I for one am a happy scrapper!

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    I agree with Kelly. Any journalist worth his or her salt would present both sides of the story. All of my scrapping friends are happy people, and I have never witnessed the anger that the LA Times article would have us believe is rampant among scrappers. Was the LA Times editor asleep when this article crossed his/her desk?

    On top of that, I shouldn’t have to apologize for liking my snowflake stencils or birthday cake stickers. Am I less of a scrapper because I don’t use leather on my pages or distress my pictures with a blowtorch? Is it wrong to prefer a more traditional approach? I am preserving memories for my family, and I consider that a noble hobby. I’m proud to do it, and to do it my way!

    If it’s OK for the “hipster” scrappers to create pages that are focused on themselves and their feelings, then it’s also OK for others to create pages about their children’s birthdays and family events. Let’s appreciate everyone’s creativity and not insult those who don’t scrap about the same subjects or use the same tools. There’s room for all of us at the cropping table!

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    Vickie Jones says:

    Hey it’s your blog, and it posted on a public place
    Anyone that wants to be rude/crude, what ever I guess has the right, just as you have the right to delete the comments.

    I wasn’t aware of the LA Times article, and frankly it
    upsets me with it’s slighted slant on the entire issue.

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    Pam Green says:

    Ok ladies – come on! I happen to be one of the “older” ladies scrapbooking today. But clearly if you read some of the ridiculous and incredibly cruel things that people said about Kristina during that whole thing – what do you expect? She made a mistake but sorry – the fact that she is the one who exposed herself by asking that her friend get credit for the photo is evidence enough for me that it was not intentional. And fine – disqualify her. But the name-calling and all out attack just made all that participated the ones with “no class” in my book. If you are going to dish it out – and let me point out that you still are – then you better be able to take it too.

    The fact that she still gets press is what so annoying to all of you. You hoped she would just disappear. Well guess what, she has talent and personality that speaks to alot of people and why should she give that up because some people don’t appreciate her style or are jeoulous? give me a break.

    So you all wish we could go back to being “just scrappers”
    Hmmm. So then ladies what that means is that our craft will die off with us. Younger people in every aspect of life change things up a bit so that they can relate and enjoy things. If they aren’t intersted in doing pages about baby’s first birthday – so what. I think it keeps things interesting and fresh and quite frankly takes alot more guts to journal about feelings in such a raw way than the way I scrapbook. I have still never even made a page about myself and I want to. It’s hard to put yourself out there the way that she does. And you all are using it against her. Shameful.

    I for one hope that she continues to get press, get published, and put her art out there. I would choose sitting at her crop table over any of yours any day of the week.

  13. avatar
    Pam Green says:

    One other things ladies – if you are that worried about being called a “lumpy, grumpy photo paster” – maybe it’s hitting home. Save the drama for your family – we don’t want to hear it, we just want to enjoy our hobby OUR OWN WAY.

  14. avatar
    obsess says:

    you’re a loser to care so much about something so minimal in our world today. get a life.

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