Thanks to a post by VERONICA/Miss Onigur at CKMB, I found this cool new storage line that is at or will be coming soon to a Target near you…and it looks perfect for scrapbooking storage. Can I hear a WHOO HOO?!?

It’s called ITSO and here’s a pic of the storage cube, which measures 14.75 x 14.75 x 14.75″ and costs $26 for a set of 2.

Here’s a LINK to what they called Craft Room and there are 5 items there, including these Storage Drawers (2) which cost $50 for both.

It says it’s made of “sturdy plastic” so I’m wondering if this system can hold up to all the heavy papers, punches and other scrap crap we tend to load it up with. Oh darn, guess I’ll have to buy a cube to find out, LOL!

If you want to take a look at the entire ITSO line at Target, HERE is the link. After cruising around their offerings a bit, here are a couple more of my favorite items…not just for scrapbooking storage, but for anywhere in the home.

Small Fabric Bin, $12 for a 2-pack

Cube with 2 Drawers, Maple for $40

What do you think of ITSO??

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    Those cubes look like they would be perfect for scrapbookers….Great find, Erika….Can’t wait to see your review on how well they hold up….

    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

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    I saw Itso last week while I was at Target and didn’t even touch it! I did stare though, for a long time, I think. It looked pretty steady….just like the wood system. But I hightailed it outta there and went to Mike’s to buy some of those delicious Primas you took pictures of. I LOVE them Primas!

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    Those cubes look like fun! Too bad I don’t have anymore room for stuff. :(

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    NICE!! Well, not nice for my budget… but nice for my umm scraproom? ;-) heehee You find the coolest stuff!

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