The next revolution in scrapbooking is: Grungeboard by Tim Holtz. I know they’ve been talking about this on CKMB and 2peas for a few weeks now because I keep seeing “Grungeboard” in post titles. But I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been opening to posts to see what it’s all about. Well, I was visiting SHIRLEY FYFE’s BLOG today and there it was again. Okay, maybe you have to hit me in the head with a 2 by 4 sometimes before I get my shizzle together, but I finally found out about Grungeboard. I watched this Youtube video and was totally amazed by this product.


So you can twist it, bend it, distress it, get it wet, abuse it, even make a working hinge on your scrapbooks. This stuff kicks ass! Grunge it up, scrap girls!

Edited 11/13/07: I popped over to TIM HOLTZ’ NEW BLOG to see if there was any news about the release date of Grungeboard. I couldn’t find anything official, but he did have some at a stamp show he attended 11/10/07. I’ll keep checking for updates, or please post in Comments if you know when/where we can get the stuff. Thanks in advance, lovies!

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    I can’t wait for this product to hit the shelves! It looks really cool. I just hope it’s not over the top expensive!

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    Hey! Thanks for linking to my blog! It’s great to have you stop by! I’ve really enjoyed my browse around your blog too and look forward to coming back often!

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    I soooo have this pre-ordered!! I can hardly wait to get this in. I saw this video and flipped out for the stuff. Isn’t it soooo cool? I will have to let you know as soon as mine comes in.
    :) Stacey

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    oooh I want some.. I love your blog and can’t wait for this stuff to come out. Is it in stores yet? Or when does it hit stores?

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    artwerx says:

    I’ve pre-ordered this for my shop. I’m hoping it will be in late next week. Buy it online here: just put grunge board in my search if you can’t find it.
    Hope that helps!

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    Hi Samantha ~ This site is taking pre-orders and expects to ship by November 20th: Take a look over there for some ballpark prices, but they appear to range from $7.95 to $19.95. Not too bad, I think, because you get a good amount.
    PS: I’m not affiliated with the site nor endorse them, just found them in my search for Grungeboard prices :)

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    Hey Shirley ~ No, I need to thank YOU. You introduced me to the wonders of Grungeboard…THANKS!!

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    Hi Stacey ~ Yes, please keep us updated. First the Bo Bunny word books and now this. You have all the hot items!

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    Hi familialopez and welcome to the S.O. blog! Nice to have you stop by. Tim’s blog says it’s shipping now, and the site I mentioned above is expecting it 11/20/07, so….SOON! If you get some, let us know what you think.

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    Hey artwerx! Thanks for coming by to tell us you will have Grungeboard. Everyone is talking about it. So, hey girls, go check out artwerx…but her link above didn’t work for me. Try then search Grungeboard. Happy shopping!

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