When you have a few minutes, please go over to Scrapbook Update and read THIS recent post from Nancy Nalley. It will break your heart. If you can, please leave Nancy a supportive comment. She must be going through Hell right now and I hope scrappers worldwide will have her back.

Peace out.

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    I can’t tell you how much reading things like this means to me right now. Thank you. You are right. This is absolute hell.

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    I left her a message yesterday…..I really hope to see people encourage her and hold her up during this horrid time in her life!

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    Wow, just when you think you’ve had it tough! That poor girl. Left here a msg. Was going to ask how you’re doing Erika, but I guess compared to this I’d have to say great? Miss visiting with you.

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    Although, I know this is an extremely difficult time for you, just keep yourself focused on all of the wonderful and positive things in your life. I believe that this has all happened for a reason and it may have saved your husbands life. He sounds like a great person who was in a downward spiral. Look at this as a bump in the road that will make your family stronger and better in the end.
    Know that you have a lot of people supporting you during this difficult time.
    Keep your chin up…you will get through this!

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