I became a convert to the Fiskars Fingertip Craft Knife way back HERE in the day. I mean, ALI EDWARDS used it, so it must be cool, right?

And it is. With the fingertip knife, I have much better control when hand cutting things for my scrapbooking. It’s so much more comfortable to use and, being a FISKARS product, it’s great quality. What I use it for a lot is cutting off those little hanga majigger thingee pieces of paper that are left along the edge when you punch something out. I can’t stand those! Yeah, call me anal. Well, don’t really but….

Back when I bought the fingertip craft knife, it only came in one color: orange. So NOT my favorite color. But I was impatient and had to have one, so I bought one right away. Even though I figured, like the CROPADILE, BIG BITE and other tools, that it would first be issued in a fugly color but would eventually come out in cute colors like pink and purple.

Well, that’s what happened with the Fiskars fingertip knife….it eventually came out in cutie patootie pink and I sob a little every time I see that pink one at Target. I can’t justify buying a pink one, when my orange one is still working just fine, right?

Well, now I have found a good justification for buying a new fingertip craft knife…Fiskars has now come out with a version that is….


Yep, the blade is now retractable. So if, like me, you suck in your breath a little every time your kids approach you working at your scrap desk, or you can be a bit clumsy and have nicked your fingertip a time or ten while putting the plastic cap on the blade, you are gonna’ be happy! And you now have permission to replace your old orange one. Well, at least I’m giving MYSELF permission. What you do with your life is up to you…


Yes, black is not pink, purple, or green, I acknowledge that. Black is boring. Black is black. But Erika is impatient. Erika must have NOW. So Erika will have black.

Here’s what it looks like when the blade is retracted:

Here is the description of the FISKARS RETRACTABLE FINGERTIP CRAFT KNIFE, from the Fiskars website:

The blade of this ergonomic fingertip knife retracts for cap-free storage. Insert your finger through the loop and let the natural motion and weight of you hand control your cutting.

• Slightly longer reach than original Fingertip Craft Knife positions hand away from project
• Includes hang clip for storage or to wear on a lanyard, and one standard No. 11 blade.
• Many uses including all crafts, school projects, household repairs and office tasks
• Ideal for cutting paper, cloth, balsa, acetate and other lightweight materials

The retail price according to the Fiskars site is $10.99 plus $6.95 shipping. HOWEVAH….I have a way to get these wholesale and would be happy to sell them for $10 each plus tax and shipping (which I’m pretty sure I can do for less than $6.95)…

If you think you MIGHT want to order one (no commitment necessary), please leave a comment here so I can get an idea how many to order. I’ll place the first order soon, so let me know :)

When I get them in stock, I’ll post something and let you know how to purchase…

Whether you might order from me or not…..you gonna get one of these babies???

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  1. avatar

    Nah, I don’t mind that mine isn’t retractable, but that’s pretty cool.

  2. avatar

    Finger knives scare me. I’m clumsy. I don’t trust myself. :)

  3. avatar
    Tina Sawyers says:

    This baby is too cool. Thanks for the pro tip! I didn’t even know about the fugly orange ones. LOL

  4. avatar
    Tina Sawyers says:

    Oh, ya, I would love to get one of these from you Erika! Thanks so much.

  5. avatar

    I’m sticking with my ugly orange one…for now. But, in regards to color, I have three words for you…plastic spray paint!!!

  6. avatar

    I so need this .. you know .. cuz I have the regular one and damn near sliced my pinky LOL .. but I still use it and love it ..

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