I purposely haven’t posted since “INTRODUCE YOURSELF,” because I’m having so much fun reading all about all ya’alls and I don’t want people to stop leaving comments on that post. But today IS Etsy Day, so I have to post. HERE is a link that tells about it. Basically, it is a day to tell everyone you know about Etsy and publicize it any way you can. Do a blog post, give a Twitter tweet, or post on your favorite message boards.

Ironically, my favorite scrapbook message board (ALL MOMENTS REMEMBERED, of course!) has just started gathering up their Etsy girls to support each other and advertise together. If you’re an Etsy girl, scrapbook-related or not, come on over and join the AMR Etsy gang. HERE and HERE are owner Stacey’s blog posts about it. I’ve never had an Etsy shop but this has inspired me to start one. It’s basically free until you sell something, easy to use, and promotes buying handmade goodness over corporate, Made in China schlock. How can you NOT support ETSY.COM? Okay, I’m off to Tweet this entry and then open up my Etsy shop…hoping my brand name isn’t already taken…wish me luck!

ETA 4/24/09: I did it! I am now the proud owner of an (empty) Etsy shop! Guess I better add some stuff to it this weekend, huh? You should really go open an account yourself – it took me literally 5 minutes on my lunch hour and it was free. My shop is called Calla Memories and HERE is the linkee.

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    lol! love your post! Etsy is AWESOME! I’ve had a shop for awhile selling scrapbook/paper good products on it. Please come by and check me out. http://www.thelemondroptree.etsy.com.

    I blog too http://www.thelemondroptree.blogspot.com. I hope to see ya!

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