About a month ago {01-28-14}, Becky Higgins announced on her blog HERE that a new Project Life line would be coming to Joann craft stores as an exclusive. The line is called “Kiwi” and it’s super cute!

Being a Project Life junkie, I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately, the closest Joann to me is about an hour and it’s a tiny one – hardly any scrapbooking stuff. So I started looking online at JOANN.COM and found the kit HERE.

Note: Click on “Locate in Store”, enter your zip code, and you can find out if the Joann store(s) near you carry the “Kiwi” set.

Joann.com told me that my tiny, not-so-close store didn’t carry it. So I signed up to receive an e-mail when Joann.com had it in stock but have yet to be notified :(

But luckily for me, a sweet online friend (ENABLER HEATHER! ha ha) lives near all these amazing, large, current craft stores and she always finds things I *need*. She found Project Life “Kiwi” at HER Joann and bought it for herself, then kindly sold me 1/2 of it.

And without further ado, here is a quick pic of Kiwi:


Sorry, I did’t have time to spread the cards out better and get more photos but you get the idea. The colors are fun, bright, and happy. The sayings are everyday and very useable. The “handwriting” font used on some of the cards isn’t my favorite {see the pink one on top of the pile?}; it’s a little sloppy for my taste. But that’s the great thing about PL cards – if you don’t like one side, use the other or even put a sticker or embellishment over things you don’t love. I like the use of black and turquoise with lighter pastels, there are plenty of hearts {you KNOW I love HEARTS!}, and the mix of white/off-white backgrounds is a nice feature.

Because the Kiwi kit is “exclusive” to Joann stores and so hard to find, the message boards are abuzz with people buying, trading, and looking for it. Many have been unsuccessful and the rumor is that each Joann store who DOES have it only got 2 kits per store. Which seems kind of crazy given how popular Project Life items usually are.

A Pea reported today that: “I was at (Joanns) tonight and asked a lady about the Kiwi kits. She said they’d be put out next week since Ms has a coupon on them. It must be the 50% off one she’s referring to.” So that’s good news if it’s true! If you’re looking for the Kiwi kit, I hope you find it sooner than later! It really is beautiful and I think you’ll like it a lot in person.

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    I agree – it is nice. I’m from Australia and I managed to get a partial kit from eBay. It’s in the mail and I should be getting it soon. Paid $25 for 120 cards ($15 cards, $10 shipping) but you pay for what you want, hey? She listed another 120 cards for $19 soon after. I was lucky.

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Debra – Yes, supply and demand, LOL! I’m glad you were able to get a Kiwi kit.

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    Oh, wow! That is half of the kit?! I love the colors in the set. Haven’t tried PL yet but all these beautiful designs is tucking at me! LOL!!

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Margie! I know, right? You get a LOT of cards with the larger PL kits. More than I can probably use even at 1/2 kit, although I can use them as journal cards on regular layouts, etc.

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    lol, I was just at Jo’s tonight looking thru their PL items and was so glad to see a new display of them. :) No Kiwi here yet, but I’ll check next week. I did use a Mike’s 50% off for the Amy Tangerine add on so that was pretty exciting. Hoping to get all caught up on my project this next week as I’m hunkered down in a cabin in the woods with the snow falling quietly outside. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? ;) Thanks for the heads up!

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hey Miss Angie! So glad we’re in touch again :) I’m jealous of your snowy woods cabin – enjoy!

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