Nicole aka Crop-a-holic is a dear online friend of mine, because she:

1. Has a wonderful and hilarious blog about her family life called HUMOR ME and I laugh so hard when I read her stuff that Diet Coke shoots out my nose. I told the girls on AMR MB that this girl should write a sitcom about her life and they all agreed.

2. Is SO generous with the RAK’s she constantly gives away, for the sole purpose of brightening someone’s day. Like, these showed up in my mailbox today…a card and ATC, just because every time she saw the “journey” stamps, she thought of me {my MB name is ‘journeyfan’ and maybe perhaps I go on a bit about Journey and Steve Perry sometimes}…

3. Is brave enough to start taking BELLY DANCING lessons.

4. Always gives me the heads up on important goings-on with all the gals we care about.

5. Is so talented with blogs and computers, and always helps computer dorks like me get things done.

She recently started a new blog to showcase her scrappy news and projects so go take a look at CROP-A-HOLIC’S CREATIONS, won’t you?

She is SO talented…just look at these cards that are posted on her new blog…they are GORGEOUS! Nicole needs to open an Etsy shop or sumthin.

I’ll be adding her link to my sidebar. You should put her in your feed, so you can go give her some blog love whenever you get the chance….

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    Sob Sob Erika….I am all misty now and need a tissue!! What an awesome friend you are and I am so so so glad that we have gotten to know each other!!
    How awesome is the internet?? Without it, we would have never met!

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    You are right……..Nic is VERY cool!!

    I love her work also………she is amazing!!

    BTW………….so are you!!


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    Nicole is awesome awesome! I love reading her blog too!

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    These are really nice… I’ll be checking out her blog – TFS!!

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    Jamis says:

    What a great friend you are! You really are very sweet and you and Nicole are 2 of my favorite people on the board…

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