I don’t have a crystal ball, and haven’t consulted JOHN EDWARD on this, but here is my prediction: PINK PAISLEE will be the next BASIC GREY of the scrapbook world. Yep, they are THAT good. I mean, just check out this yummy goodness on their home page:

Um, well, okay. Blogger girl foiled again! This is where I went and right clicked on the cool images on their home page, only to be told “Sorry, right-click is disabled. You are welcome to use our images, but we prefer you to use the right ones; Simply click the link for retailer resource page at the bottom of the page under Retailer Lounge.” Which I did HERE, and found a PDF file to click on for product images. Well, tell ya what, if the .pdf file is done downloading by the time I finish writing this, I’ll include their images. If not, sorry Charlie, your loss! {Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine. Sheesh! I was really liking these Paislee girls until now….}. But a cool thing I did find on that page was a list of coordinating cardstock for their lines. Nice! Nice for the retailer, nice for the shopper.

So! Well, I was going to directly link you to their BLOG and their PRODUCT page and such like I usually do with products I like. But now I’m kind of pissed, so I’ll let you explore on your own if you like. Can you see the tee shirt I’m wearing? It says, “I don’t get mad, I get even.” Yeah, right, I know they don’t care about us bloggers but I’d say we DO send a little bitta biz their way, wouldn’t you? Wish these companies realized that and were a bit more ‘blog friendly.’ Maybe I’ll go write my Congressman….

Well, I still do love their products and think they’ll be taking over the industry. Their new lines are: Vintage Moon, Pop Fashion, Office Lingo, and Spring Fling. Wish I knew how to use THESE cool desktop calendars cuz theirs rock! Stacey at AMR has been teasing us with PP on her blog HERE, HERE and HERE. {While you’re there, check out THIS post about the new Jenni Bowlin…I have a BIG jones for anything Jenni}. HERE’s the store if you want to shop!

PS: That dang PDF product image file is STILL downloading, so no product pictures to share with ya’ here, but click on those links to Stacey’s blog, she has plenty {she must be gads more patient than me, LOL!}

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    I agree love they’re stuff a trick I’ve learned so that I can use the image to add to my “I want to buy this list” so I can show the shop or person I’m talking to with out having to go to a computer (don’t always have access to one in the middle of a big craft show or event) is ALT and PRINT SCREEN buttons (at same time) it takes a snap shot of the screen your looking at, you then have to edit in photo shop or I often paste into word so I can just print it out. I then have a chance of showing the person “do you have this stamp” rather than having to try & describe something I saw once on a blog or site I think it was called blah blah anyhoo rant over didn’t mean to go into one just thought I’d share that tip don’t know if it works on Macs as I never get to go near ours as the mans on it all the time! Thanks for the links Seeya hugya *G*

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    Good call Erika! I would have to agree with your prediction, Pink Paislee is the new Basic Grey!

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    Karen C. says:

    i am glad i am not the only one that was ticked about the whole image thing. geesh, what is the big deal. let us spread their crafty goodness. why must we download the whole file. um, rediculous!

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    Hey gals………….I just went to Stacey’s store and downloaded the image from THERE!!

    That’s how I got it in my blog!

    *neener, neener, neener!!*


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    Wow!! And to be compared to Basic Grey – one of my favorite companies, that says alot for Pink Paislee :) Can’t wait to see it in person…

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    Rebecca says:

    So so sorry you got mad at our site. We actually try to make it make sure users download the correct images instead of the smaller .gif images from our site. Since .gif images can’t be shrunk down or up we want to make sure the retailers get the jpeg versions. Hope you don’t hate us :-)


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