This came out recently but I haven’t been able to find it on my local newstands :( Have you seen it anywhere? I only have Walmart, Target, and Michaels. I ended up ordering it from THE CK WEBSITE. I had a free shipping code but it’s since expired … maybe search and see if you can find another one?

The Peas are talking about “Creative Spaces” HERE (including a Pea whose room is IN the magazine!).

I happen to really disagree with the negative opinions of it posted HERE. I’m finding it to be very inspirational and, as MARTHA STEWART would say, “aspirational.” I’m different from some of the posters in that thread because I *don’t* want to see scrapbook spaces of “everyday” scrappers that are a hodge podge of furniture and organizational bins. I can look in my own non-designer space if I want to see that, LOL!

When I plunk down $15 for a glossy magazine, I want to see all the fancy schmancy scrap digs I’ll never be able to afford. Kinda the same theory of Architectural Digest showing amazing homes you’ll nevah, evah be able to afford, or Vogue with its clothes you can’t afford worn by women (um, teenagers?) who weigh as much as your pinky finger. It’s all about the eye candy, baby! And, yeah, maybe you’ll pick up tips here and there that you can incorporate into your own life.

As it happens, I am finding MANY scrapbook organization ideas in this magazine that I can incorporate into my space. Whenever I get a few minutes of quiet time, I sit down with this amazing issue and take my time with the articles and photos. I think it’s very well organized with great pictures and ideas.

Have you seen this issue? If so, what did you think of it? As always, diverse opinions are welcomed :)

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    wow that room is stunning, people will always be negative about the things others have, it’s a little green eyed monstery – and it makes me sad. We don’t have a craft room, we did but we took on foster kids and now we don’t – we have all our scrapping stuff in our bedroom and we couldnt’ be happier. Having a craft room is something everyone would like, but we should be happy with what we have…..

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    Marty says:

    I just got it and love it. I found it at AC Moore and used a 50% off coupon. Yeah! I agree with you. I’m redoing my scrapbook room and want to see the pretty rooms, not the ones that look like mine!

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    You posted the link to the thread I started on 2 peas and felt the need to respond.

    Vicki: while I am sure there are folks out there who are jealous of other peoples space, I am not. I LOVE my space and am continually updating it. No jealousy here.

    And the more I think about it, the magazine was not cheap and I felt it didn’t have enough substance. Let me try to explain…some of the photos of the workspaces didn’t do the rooms justice (didn’t show enough). I expected more organizational tips from the participants and some of the rooms just seemed (honestly) messy to me. If I am going to spend the money on an organizational magazine, I would like to finish reading it and come away inspired.

    Just my opinion…thankfull we all have them.

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    I saw it and really enjoyed it! I realized though that out of all the rooms, I love mine the best–a good sign that it’s perfect for me!

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    I agree, I am currently trying to “design” my workspace since we just moved…so far it looks pretty junkie! I ordered some furniture from , and picked up some items on my recent trip so I am hoping it will look better soon! I hope the magazine inspires something wonderful for your space.


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    Dee says:

    I bought it at Books a Million (they had it with the decorating magazines and not the scrapbooking section so I went there three times before I found it) I find it quite entertaining to look at others scrap space… But I keep all of the “creative spaces” articles in my monthly CK magazine. Of course, I love everything Scrapbooking! I’m a scrapaholic and need a 12 x 12 step program! D

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    I do have this magazine. So far I love it.
    I haven’t been able to check out all the rooms. But I like that they write down the dimensions of the rooms. Sometimes you look at a room and figure that it is huge, but when they give the measurements they really aren’t all that large.
    Mind you I have only looked at the small room so far.

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    I managed to get mine at HL with a coupon.
    I have to say that I really like it. Great photographs, lots of ideas and super rooms.
    I wish there were more details though, like where they bought some of the storage items, to make it easier to recreate some of the things.
    Overall, I’m really glad I have it.

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    nikki7 says:

    I LOVED this issue. Thought it was great. I would have liked to see more of the rooms more “in depth”, but still loved it!

    Found mine at Michaels.

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    jennifer mitchell says:

    Holy cow!!! I haven’t seen this magazine, and I have been looking to tweek my scrapbook room. I am SERIOUSLY getting up off of this computer chair and going to barnes and nobel right now so i can sit down and look through this mag!! THanks so much for posting!!!

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