I was at Mike’s today with my 40% off coupon in hand, roaming the aisles for something I really “needed” to spend it on. I finally settled on a 12×12 pre-done scrapbook page and frame. It had the perfect colors for my scrap room, soft blues and greens, a touch of pink. I could slip a family photo in the blank spot, add a bit of journaling, and have a nice little addition to my wall. The frames are by Recollections and go for $19.99.

I also grabbed some of the 8.5×11 white cardstock because I’m almost out; it’s on sale at Mike’s this week 4 for $10 (it’s normally $4 per pack). They had other colors and also combinations of colors, but I just need white :)

Anyhow, right in front of the registers was a bin with MAKING MEMORIES “grab bags” … HOLLAH! Well, wait, here was my actual reaction to seeing these:


I love Making Memories!

Wow, great deal.

Oh. Wait. I need more MM like I need more patterned paper. {Which is to say … I don’t}.

Crap on a stick.

But but but … how does one pass up a dealio like this?


Set. The Making Memories pack. Down. Okay, good. Now walk away.

But but but!!


Alright, go ahead and get the stupid MM then. You know it’s an amazing deal. You really have no choice. Enjoy.

So I did. What exactly was in the packs did vary so I took a few minutes to see which one had the most items I would use. And items that I didn’t already have, hee :) I found a good one, put the Recollections frame back where it came from, and bought the MM pack with the 40% off coupon.

Not only did I get $50 worth of product for $19.99 (as the front of the package says), I got $50 worth of stuff for about $12. I’ll add some photos as soon as my computer cooperates, but in the meantime here are the items I got for 12 buckaroons:

{All images are from the Making Memories website ~ THANKS MM!}

These letters but in light blue …

Both of these are chipboard 12″ border strips, super cute …

Similar to these mini letters but in red glitter ….

There were also 13 chipboard clocks but I can’t find them online anywhere so no photo … :(

I found the GLITTER BLING STICKERS on their site, but not the three shapes I got: black fleur de lis, smiley face, and lightening bolt. I also got a pack of old-school Wire Words that are not on their site at all.

14 items for 12 bucks … swoon!

And as if I didn’t already feel pretty damn good about myself, now I’m doing the right thing and telling YOU about it.

I mean, c’mon, people, it just doesn’t get much better than that … am I right? You KNOW I’m right.

My advice to you is this: If you want to feel really good about yourself right now, you’ll march down to MICHAELS with your coupon and get one of these Making Memories grab bags … and then tell a friend. You will SO be doing the right thing ;-)

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    Okay, I didn’t need to see that. LOL! Looks like you really got some GREAT stuff! Awesome! Have a blessed day!

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    Deby says:

    Okay, I’ve finally figured out, after all this time, how to post a comment. Lol. Thanks for the info. I love MM embellishments. You purchased several I paid full price for. I love visiting here. Your site is unique and fun.

  3. avatar

    Oooooo! That is some good stuff. I love MM.

  4. avatar

    I was sooooo good when I saw these the other day. I did pass because there wasn’t one thing in any of the bags that I didn’t already have. LOL. I agree that it’s a great value and it was super hard to say no. Maybe if I use up some MM stuff in the next week, I’ll go back….. :)

  5. avatar

    That is a huge deal! :)

  6. avatar

    Looks like you got some lovely items… And who doesn’t love a great deal!

  7. avatar

    It looks like you got some super fun stuff! And I’ve seen those frames….you made the better choice in the end…you can make your OWN frame for your studio!!! :-)

  8. avatar
    Nikki says:

    How much did you pay for the “grab bag”?

  9. avatar
    Lili says:

    Great deal! I don’t know if you would like to post this, but in San Diego,Ca., the Joann’s store on Navajo, off the Hwy125, had the Gypsy on sale for $99.00 Only a couple left yesterday.
    I was so disappointed , I just got mine a couple of weeks ago on HSN for $129.00
    Love your blog.

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    Julie Steed says:

    I saw these the other night when I worked Mike’s. They are just new but grab them up fast or they will be gone and who knows if it is something brought in on a regular basis or not! I work there and still can’t figure out their buying patterns!

  11. avatar

    Looks great – all I need is to spend some more money!

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