^^^ Up there in the header bar, I’ve posted a page with updated links. There you will find other bloggers who post sneak peeks for all the new lines coming out at CHA-Winter 2014 . . . erm, now they call it CHA Mega Show 2014, LOL!

Whatever you call it, it happens in a mere 3 weeks so it’s time to get jacked again!!! The show takes place in Anaheim, CA from January 10-14,2014 and the excitement is building.

So please check out my links to the CHA Mega Show 2014 Sneak Peeks! I’m so grateful that these ladies gather them all in one place for us to see.

I’ve looked through what’s been posted so far and here are some early thoughts:

Surprised I don’t love Maggie Holmes’ “Style Board” . . .

I’m diggin’ most of Studio Calico “Wanderlust”. Of course, I love the heart paper ‘cuz I have a thing for hearts. Is it just me, or does the map paper in the upper right corner . . .

. . . remind you of this map art I have on my Pinterest “Ombre and Watercolor” board!

SC “Wanderlust” has some great Project-Lifey stuff, too:

I’m lovin’ (ha ha) all the heart stuff in Dear Lizzy “Daydreamer”, like the paper in the middle:

Oh look, Lizzy has a map paper, too! Guess I’m quite the trend-predictor, LOL!

Of the other offerings, nothing is putting the cream in my Twinkie. Yet. You know how it is, you see these products used by all the amazing designers and they grow on you. So start saving, girlies!!

Do you see anything so far that you NEED to own?

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    I loved the Maggie Holmes Style Board the best…love flowers. The others remind me so much of what is out now…and I barely like that stuff. I don’t like the watercolory look at all.

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Maybe that’s why we’re opposite :) I love watercolor-y!! I became a huge Maggie Holmes fan kinda’ late to the game and I’m surprised I don’t like hers more. I bet when she starts making stuff with it and posting on her blog, I’ll fall in love.

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    I need those Studio Calico labels! They are what I use the most when doing my Project Life stuff. So excited to see them!

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Aren’t the SC labels great!?!? I’ve been using mostly Sn@p! labels and some Martha Stewart. It will be nice to have a new option.

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    So far, just those PL alphas. My list usually grows by the time the show rolls around. I love reading all the preview posts too.

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    There’s a typo on the SC Wanderlust wordfetti stickers: third row from the bottom it says “endulge” instead of indulge. I know how you love a good typo!

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    I like Dear Lizzy this time around, and some of SC’s release.

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    Well, the one I’ve seen so far that is a must-have is Fancy Pants As You Wish. I love love the colors and patterns and doo-dads that go with. Thank you for posting the sneaks! I always love sneak time :)

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    These 2 collections are the ones I’m eyeing for!!! :D Love them so much!!!

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