There could be no finer 5 words in the English language, am I right?? My flyer says they have Bazzill on sale at 2 for $1, which is definitely cheaper than the usual 69 cents/sheet. Not a super great deal, but a deal nonetheless. My closest LSS (45 minutes away) sells Bazzill for 75 cents/sheet and $1/sheet for Bling. So paying 50 cents/sheet for regular OR Bling at Mike’s is something to be happy about…Will you be heading to Mikes for some Bazzill?

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    scrappysuzz says:

    YEAH ME!!! I got to be their lucky first customer Sunday morning. (I had a mental picutre of desperate scrappers clogging the isle!! — Ok so maybe I need to get out of my little scrappy bubble every now and then.) I was needing cardstock really bad and was dreadig spending $$ on it. I only buy bazzill. Even though you can find it cheaper online, I would have to listen to the husband moan and groan too. So not worth it. I only bought forty sheets, hopefully that will keep me going til the next sale!!! :)

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    Thanks for the heads up! I know I can always count on you!!! I would love to go stock up on some Bazzill, if only they would keep it seperate from the rest of the icky cardstock, lol! I can say that to you, cuz I know you are a cs snob like me! Now, if I only had some money!

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    I’m on my way….I can always eat lunch at my desk.

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    Just hit there yesterday, and got a few sheets of bazzill bling. It’s purdy!!

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