I’m always anxious to see what new lines Basic Grey has coming out and have been obsessively {who, me, obsessive?} checking their site and blog to see the new releases for CHA Summer 2009. Finally, they are here! See all the new BASIC GREY on the blog post HERE. As always, Kelly did such a great job designing layouts and projects to show off BG to it’s absolute best. I love her scrapping style.

Here is a quick look at each new line. If you click on the bolded name above each pic, you can see the line in all it’s glory on the Basic Grey website.

EERIE by Basic Grey




I haven’t been able to say this in a long time, because my relationship with Basic Grey has been rocky in recent years, but … I LOVE THEM ALL!! As in LOOOOOVVVVEE and will NEED to have some of each. I’m sure MEMORY WORKS will get some of the new BG the quickest and, yes, I will be ordering me summa that! Yay, totally made my day. THIS is the Basic Grey I love and I’m so glad that it’s back.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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    i think i’m in looove! seriously, will they ever NOT make something I need to have???

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    ScrappyJen ~ JenW ~ says:

    Love the new lines. They all look so bright and full of color I love that!!!

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    Ona says:

    Is it blasphemy to not love the new BG? …well ok, I love the dollies, some stamps and do-dads, but the pattern papers and color stories are one disappointment I’ll just have to get over. The sneak peeks had me reaching for my credit card, but now I feel so let down by my #1 love. Will be holding my hopes [and $] out for next go around. :(

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    oooh- that Indian Summer collection is gorgeous- but then I just suspect I’m being swayed by all those cakes!!

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    I really like the line for halloween. I found the answer to a question for the AMR Scavenger Hunt :)

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    Cindy Phillips says:

    I’ve actually had my hands on and could examine the lines up close and personal! My stores owner brought them all back from CHA. LOVE them!! Need them, just like you. So glad I found an answer for the AMR scavenger hunt here. I had read this post just not let a comment. Thanks. :)

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    ScrappyJen says:

    I love all those lines too!!! I hops my LSS gets some!!!

    AMR scavenger hunt brought me to you!!! Have a wonderful day!!! Thanks for all the information!!! :)

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    Julia/greattasgranddaughter says:

    They sure have some cute lines coming out. Will have to try to find them when I get to a store. AMR scavenger hunt sent me here today.

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    nook and pantry is my fav!

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