Hold onto your wallet, cuz I’m about to enable you! {You know that’s why you love me!} Word on the street is that Costco now has a BAZZILL pack. I haven’t seen it personally, but “katybee8” posted these details on the Pea board:

80 lb. textured cardstock, 100 count (4 of each of the 25 colors) 12 x 12 for 17.99 (18 cents/sheet is an amazing price!)

The UPC code is 40861 92574 (if you want to call ahead and see if your Costco has it yet…)

On the back it says Solid Color Core and it has a list of the textures:
Bling, Washboard, Orange Peel, Grass Cloth, Canvas, Criss Cross and Weave
{Click the BAZZILL link above to see all these textures on their website…)

It can be found in the office supply aisle.

The gal is at work but said she’d post a photo and colors when she gets home, as she hadn’t opened it yet. I will post it here when she does, or you can see the thread HERE.

Methinks I’ll be going to Costco soon….I don’t see it listed on their website, but if you find it, will you post a linkee in Comments pleazzzz….

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    Evil! You are evil! :-) Although my saving grace may be that I live in Canada so they may not have them here. Yet. Hmm… I do need to make a Costco run this week or next…

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    Oops, forgot to say thanks for this info! Really, it’s great news. :) Just hope they have ’em up north of the border…

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    Mustangkayla says:

    SAWEET! I sure wish I had a Costco card and a Costco that was closer than an hour one-way drive!

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    thanks for the info! i’ll be looking out for it…

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    Jenny McGee says:

    Unfortunately I do not live near a Costco. Thanks for the info though.

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