Can FRED make your neck feel better? Will FRED enhance your layout experience? Is FRED too expensive or just right? No, FRED is not what you’re thinking…getcher mind out of the gutter! FRED is a portable crafting table that tilts like a drafting table. It comes with magnets to hold down your work as you go. You set it on top of your existing desk, and you can fold it up to take to crops. I first heard about it on THIS 2PEAS THREAD. The inventor/seller of FRED even chimes in, so you can hear about the product first hand. Here is the WEBSITE for FRED. Maybe I’m just having another blond moment, but I couldn’t figure out how to sign up for their e-mail list. I also couldn’t find the videos on YouTube (although the videos on the website worked fine for me). If anyone figures it out, please let me know. I think the price seems reasonable for the quality, and it sure sounds like they have some happy customers. Hmmm…it’s one to think about for my Christmas list. How about you…interested?

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    Huh..interesting. Kind of like that magnetic mat that everyone was talking about for a while crossed with an easel.
    Seriously though….my husband would kill me if I came home with any more SB stuff. He is not a fan! Mostly because the hobby tends to exhaust our bank account….only occasionally.

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    OHHHH my neck would love it! Thanks for telling us about it!!

    Anyone looking for Bo Bunny word books send them to my site!! I have 100’s on their way!! :)

    Oh and I am doing a take off of the Sunshine books. Scrapbookers with heart, making mini albums for kids with cancer. I have it all on my site too!

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    I wanted to thank you for the mention of our table on October 18th! It is really hard to get “noticed” so we appreciate it. As a thank you, there are two coupons we offered to all of the people who signed up on our mailing list way back when we were still designing the table. The coupon ending in 001 is for any order for a single table. The coupon ending in 002 is for any order with a double table. If our table makes you Christmas list, feel free to use one of the coupons! I believe they expire November 30th.


    Thanks again!


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